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Before releasing an update, we like to give our power users the chance to test it out. Learn how you can become a beta tester and how to install ShopKeep Beta if you are accepted to this program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before viewing our installation guide, read through these frequently asked questions to become more familiar with the beta testing program.

Is ShopKeep Beta reliable?

Yes. Our team tests beta releases to make sure they are just as reliable as the publicly available version of ShopKeep. However, there may be some cosmetic or functional differences we would like your feedback on.

How do I become a beta tester?

Visit our Beta Enrollment page to apply to become a beta tester. Depending on which features we are testing, our team may be looking for a certain type of merchant. If you’re accepted to the beta program, you’ll receive a follow-up email with instructions to confirm your participation.

What is expected of me as a beta tester?

A beta tester’s job is to use ShopKeep as normal, try out any new features being tested, and provide us with feedback. Visit our Being a Beta Tester article to familiarize yourself with some important terms and learn how to send us feedback.

I currently use ShopKeep Beta, where do I send feedback?

If you are a beta tester, email to send us your feedback. Visit our Being a Beta Tester guide to learn what to include in your email.

Is it necessary to update ShopKeep Beta?

Yes, being part of the beta team means you must update ShopKeep when you are prompted that a new version is available. This ensures you’re up to date and can provide us with the most relevant feedback.

Beta Installation Guide

Once you’re accepted to the beta program, follow the steps in each of the following sections to install and set up ShopKeep Beta.

Register & Download

First things first, register for HockeyApp so you can download ShopKeep Beta to your iPad.

  1. Follow our Register Licenses article to deactivate your register.
  2. Open your email on the iPad and check for a message from Tap 'Show Invitation'.
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  3. Tap 'Register' to create an account.

    If you already have a HockeyApp account, tap ‘Sign In’.

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  4. Fill out the registration information and tap 'Register' to confirm.
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  5. Tap 'Register Device'.
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  6. Press 'Install' to register your iPad.
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  7. Tap 'Install' and 'Install' again to confirm.
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  8. Tap 'Done'.
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  9. Tap the ShopKeep app icon.
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  10. Press 'Install' and 'Install' again to confirm.
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Trust ShopKeep

With ShopKeep Beta downloaded, follow the steps below to trust so you don’t experience an error when opening the app.

Not following these steps will cause an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error when opening ShopKeep.

  1. Press the iPad's Home button to return to the Home screen.
  2. Open the 'Settings' app.
  3. Tap 'General' and select 'Profiles & Device Management'.
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  4. Select ''.
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  5. Tap 'Trust'. Then tap 'Trust' again to confirm.
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Open and Activate

Finally, open and activate ShopKeep Beta so you can get back to using the register.

  1. Press the iPad's Home button to return to the Home screen.
  2. Open the 'ShopKeep ß' app.
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  3. Enter your HockeyApp email + password and tap 'Done'.
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  4. Tap 'Activate Your Register' and follow our Activate & Sign In article to complete activation.
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