Being a Beta Tester

Before releasing an app or BackOffice update, a select group is given access to test the new version. Testing includes utilizing new features, reporting on their overall performance and reliability, and providing extensive feedback about the update to our team.

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What Beta Merchants Do

Your job as a beta tester is simple. Use the app as you normally would, incorporating any features being tested into your workflow. Let us know about your experiences and what you think.

Tell Us About It

Report feedback to Click here to view a sample email.

Let us know as much information as you can about your experiences. Did a feature improve your workflow? Is it intuitive? Did you encounter any crashes or bugs? What other feedback can you give us? Also try to include:

  • The name of your store.
  • If on an iPad, the iOS and app version.
  • Register number.
  • On what screen or page did you encounter the problem?
  • Exactly what steps were being taken when the problem occurred?
  • If you can, capture a screenshot, and attach it to the email.
  • Terms to Know

    Below are terms to use when reporting feedback.

    App Version | The current build of the software being run. Find this in the bottom right corner of the ShopKeep sign in screen, i.e. ‘v2.7.6’.
    Beta | Software in the final stages of development. The name of the app icon on your iPad home screen will be listed as ‘ShopKeep β’.
    Crash | Sudden failure of the software, resulting in a return to the iPad home screen.
    Crash Loop | After the software is re-opened, the app crashes again while completing the same task.
    Force Quit | A method used to forcibly close an unresponsive app. Visit our iPad Troubleshooting guide to learn how to force quit an iPad app.
    Frozen | The app or page is locked on a screen and is unresponsive.
    Hard Reset | Hold the power button and home button down until the iPad shuts down and continue to hold until the apple appears on your screen.
    *Avoid hard resets unless absolutely necessary.
    Refresh | Update a screen or page.
    Screenshot | An image capture of your display. Taken by placing a finger on the power button and the home button, then pressing them both down at the same time.


    We have a detailed FAQ and instructions on how to install ShopKeep Beta once approved here.

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