ShopKeep Pay for iOS

The ShopKeep Pay app for iOS enables employees to use iPhones to tender and close saved sales started in the ShopKeep Register app and eCommerce online orders. Download and log into ShopKeep Pay to start accepting cash and credit payments for saved sales while away from the register for in-store, pickup, and delivery orders.

Table of Contents

Download ShopKeep Pay

Download ShopKeep Pay from the Apple App Store on an iPhone to start using the app on a particular device.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap ‘Search’, then search for ‘ShopKeep Pay’.

  3. Tap ‘Get’ next to ‘ShopKeep Pay’, then select ‘Install’ (if necessary) to download the app.

  4. If prompted, use Face ID, Touch ID, or your Apple ID password to authorize the download.

    For help using Face ID or Touch ID, visit Apple Support.

  5. When the download finishes, tap 'Open' to launch ShopKeep Pay.

Log Into ShopKeep Pay

After downloading ShopKeep Pay, enter your BackOffice login credentials into the app to activate it for use with a ShopKeep store.

Only employees with BackOffice access can log into ShopKeep Pay. To prevent employees from accessing most BackOffice features while still being able to use ShopKeep Pay, assign them the ‘Receive Inventory’ role or uncheck all boxes on the ‘Permission List’. For help managing employee permissions, visit the Manage Staff article.

  1. In ShopKeep Pay, enter your ShopKeep store name, email address, and password.

    Store Name | ShopKeep account name, all lowercase with no spaces.
    Email | Email address used to log into BackOffice.
    Password | Case-sensitive password used to log into BackOffice.

  2. Tap ‘Log In’.

    Unable to log in? Visit the ShopKeep Pay Troubleshooting guide for help.

  3. (Optional) If prompted, tap 'Yes' and select 'Allow' to enable push notifications.

    Notifications alert you with updates on matters affecting your ShopKeep account, such as when there is a service disruption. Notifications can be disabled at any time from the ‘Settings’ iPhone app.

View and Close Saved Sales

Use the ShopKeep Pay app to view, accept cash and credit payments for, and close saved sales started in the ShopKeep Register app and eCommerce online orders.

  • Saved Sales Sync must be enabled in the ShopKeep Register app for saved sales to appear in ShopKeep Pay.
  • ShopKeep Pay does not currently support age-based sales restrictions, issuing or paying by gift cards, closing Tip Later and Pay by Link saved sales, and signatures on paper receipts.
  • Saved sales closed in the ShopKeep Pay app do not appear at the register on X and Z reports or the Sales History screen but do appear in BackOffice reporting.
    1. Tap a saved sale to view or close it.

      The Saved Sales screen automatically loads after opening ShopKeep Pay but can also be manually accessed from the Main Menu.

      Don’t see saved sales on this screen? Visit our ShopKeep Pay Troubleshooting guide for help.

    2. When an online order is ready to be delivered or picked up, tap ‘Out for Delivery’ or ‘Ready for Pickup’, and select ‘Confirm’.

      Customer delivery information is listed above the items on the order, below the date and time the order was placed. Scheduled pickup dates and times are available on the Saved Sales screen. Customer order notes are only viewable from the register and eCommerce Dashboard.

      Completing this step will automatically email the customer that the order is on the way or ready for pickup.

    3. Process payment for the saved sale.
      • If the customer paid online for an online order, tap ‘Complete Sale’, then skip to step 4.
      • If the customer did not yet pay, follow steps 3a – 3c below.
      a  Tap ‘Cash’ or ‘Credit’ to tender the saved sale.
      Other tenders, such as ‘Gift Card’ and ‘Check’, are not available in ShopKeep Pay.

      b  For ‘Cash’, enter how much the customer gives you, then tap ‘Calculate Change’ to confirm.
      Tender buttons below ‘Calculate Change’ update dynamically based on the sale amount if it is over $20. For example, a $28.23 sale will have buttons for 29.00, 30.00, and 40.00.

      c  For ‘Credit’, manually enter the customer’s card information, then tap ‘Continue’. If prompted, have the customer enter a tip and/or sign the screen of the device.
      Credit cards are charged through the same processor used for the ShopKeep Register app. To learn how to change tip settings, visit the Tips and Gratuity article.

      Having issues processing credit cards? Visit our ShopKeep Pay Troubleshooting guide for help.

    4. Select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’, or tap 'No Receipt'.

      Email Receipt | Send the sales receipt to an email address.
      Text Receipt | Send a link to the sales receipt via text message (SMS) to a mobile phone number. If this option is not available to you, stay tuned as we slowly roll out this feature for everyone.

    ShopKeep Pay includes a limited version of the register Main Menu that enables you to navigate the app and access additional functions.

    1. Tap the menu button to open the Main Menu.
    2. Select an option on the Main Menu.

      Saved Sales | View open saved sales. See the Saved Sales section for more information about this screen.
      Get Updates from BackOffice | Used to update ShopKeep Pay after making changes in BackOffice.
      System Diagnostics | Displays status information for the ShopKeep Pay app and Customer Care contact details. Visit the Diagnostics Screen article to learn about the information contained on this screen.