ShopKeep Pocket for iOS

Visit the ShopKeep Pocket for Android article to install and use Pocket on an Android device.

Download ShopKeep Pocket on your iPhone or iPod Touch to keep tabs on your store(s) while you’re on the go. View real-time sales data, register breakdowns, and a detailed shift summary that is remotely obtained from your BackOffice.

Check out our ShopKeep Pocket for iOS video below:

ShopKeep Pocket for iOS

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Download ShopKeep Pocket

Get ShopKeep Pocket from the App Store to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your store account on ShopKeep’s BackOffice servers.

If you have questions about downloading or using Pocket, visit our Advanced Topics FAQ page for help.

Supported Versions

  • The current version of Pocket is: v3.0.9.
  • If you’re using v3.0.8, we strongly recommend that you update Pocket soon.
  • ShopKeep no longer supports v3.0.7, v3.0.6, v3.0.4, v3.0.2, or v3.0.0. Update immediately or you may experience noticeably diminished performance.
  • ShopKeep Pocket works with iOS 8 and above.
  • Not sure which version of iOS you have? Click here to figure it out.
  • Running an old version of iOS? Visit our support article to learn how to update.
  • Download Pocket

    1. Open the Apple App Store and search for ShopKeep.

      Have an Android device? Visit the ShopKeep Pocket for Android article to learn how to download.

    2. Tap 'Get', then 'Install' to download Pocket.

      The app downloads to your home screen. Tap to open it when finished.

    Add Your Store

    Open ShopKeep Pocket after it’s finished installing and use your BackOffice login to link your iPhone or iPod Touch with your store account on, Inc.’s BackOffice servers.

    1. Tap the 'Add Your First Store' button to get started.
    2. Enter your store and BackOffice login info. Press 'Verify & Save'.

      If you get an error, visit our ShopKeep Pocket Troubleshooting guide for help.

    3. Choose a background (optional). Tap 'Done' to finish.

    Using ShopKeep Pocket

    Keep an eye on your sales data from ShopKeep’s BackOffice servers wherever your iPhone or iPod Touch has a connection to the internet.

    Change Your Background

    1. Tap the gear, then, choose 'Change Background'.
    2. Select an image or pick from your photos library.

    Add Another Store

    1. Select 'Edit Store List' from the settings menu.
    2. Tap the + and enter your information.
    3. Tap the arrow to select the store you want to view.

    See Your Sales

    1. Check out today’s sales info. Swipe down to refresh or swipe right to see yesterday’s numbers.

      Sales data not updating? Visit our ShopKeep Pocket Troubleshooting guide for help.

    2. Swipe up to see each of your registers, sales by hour, and top selling items.
    3. Tap a register to see its expected/actual drawer amount, tender information, and more.
    4. Swipe up some more to see a detailed summary of the day for all registers.

    For a similar sales overview, try the Bird’s Eye View and Analytics Dashboard reports in BackOffice.

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