WiFi as WAN

For locations that already have WiFi – just not at the register, WiFi as WAN will turn your Cradlepoint (MBR95-) Router into a reliable repeater.

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Access Your Cradlepoint

Sign in to the Cradlepoint administration console with the web browser on your iPad.

  1. Open iPad Settings, then tap 'WiFi' and connect to your Cradlepoint (MBR95-).

    The Cradlepoint’s default password is printed on the bottom of the router.

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  2. Open Safari (web browser).
  3. In the address bar, type: cp/ or
  4. Log in with your router password (printed on sticker under router).
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Configure WiFi as WAN

Set your Cradlepoint to repeat the internet connection from another nearby router.

  1. Tap 'Basic Mode' to switch it to Advanced Mode.
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  2. Under 'Internet' choose 'WiFi as WAN'.
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  3. Change 'WiFi Client Mode': to 'Wireless as WAN'.
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  4. Check the box on your existing WiFi and choose 'Import'.
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  5. Enter your WiFi password in 'WPA Password' and press 'Submit'.
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    Your iPad will leave the Cradlepoint network as it resets, visit iPad Settings, then select WiFi to reconnect.

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