Email Receipts

Using emailed receipts helps customers easily keep track of their purchases while also providing direct links to your Yelp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via platforms that support HTML. Encourage customer engagement with your business by offering an email receipt option.

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Email Receipts

Table of Contents

Emailed Receipt Overview

Send an HTML version of receipts displaying your business logo and social media page links directly to your customer’s email inbox.

Email Receipt Breakdown

Set up Email Receipts

Get started setting up your email receipts by adding links and images in BackOffice.

  1. Sign in to BackOffice as the Business Owner.
  2. Click 'Settings', then 'Receipts and Tips'.

    Don’t see ‘Receipts and Tips’? Visit our BackOffice Settings Troubleshooting guide for help.

  3. Fill in fields for paper receipts first.
  4. Click the 'Email Receipt' tab to begin customizing.

Show off your business logo in emailed receipts!

  1. Tap the 'Choose File' button.

    (Optional) Add a URL to send customers to your website when they click the logo.

  2. Select an image file from your computer and click 'Open'.
    • Logos must be in .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF format and cannot exceed 50kB in size.
    • If also printing the logo on paper receipts, we recommend following these tips to optimize the logo before uploading it.
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  3. Tap the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.
    • To change the logo, click ‘Remove this logo’ and repeat steps 1 – 3.
    • To learn how to print the logo on paper receipts, visit the Paper Receipts article.

Heading and Promotional Message

Add a short greeting or a promotional message to your customers.

  1. Enter text in the Receipt Heading or Promotional Message boxes that will appear on emailed receipts.
  2. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.


Create text or image banners for promotions, events or feature products.

Adding an image:

  1. Select 'Choose File'.
  2. Select a file from your computer and tap 'Open'.
  3. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Adding text only:

  1. Type your message in the first line.
  2. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

    (Optional) Add a URL to send customers to your website when they click the banner text.

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Links to social networks to encourage customers to be more active and spread the word about your business. Once you start emailing receipts, visit the Marketing Dashboard to see how often customers click your links.

  1. Go to one of your social media pages.

    Email receipts support links for Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  2. Click the URL at the top of the browser to highlight.
  3. Select 'Edit' from the menu at the top, then 'Copy'. Or right click with your mouse to copy.
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  4. Paste the URL into the Email Receipt builder in ShopKeep BackOffice.
  5. Check the 'Show' box to make this the appear on your receipts.
  6. Repeat steps 1-6 for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Click 'Save' at the bottom.

Are you already set up with email receipts but running into issues? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for solutions to common problems!

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