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Add employees to your BackOffice Staff List so they can clock in/out, log in to the register, and run sales. Learn how to assign Cashier or Manager privileges and edit/delete employees in BackOffice at any time.

Check out our Manage Employees video below to get started.

Add Staff

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Add Employees

Add employees to BackOffice to grant them access to the register. With a unique register code, employees can clock in/out, run sales, and perform other cashier or manager functions. Check out our FAQ for answers to some commonly asked questions.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Staff' and select 'Staff List'.
  2. Click 'Add Staff'.
  3. Enter the employee's information.
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    Register Code: A 4 digit code that allows the employee to perform cashier functions.
    Register Manager: Check this box to give an employee access to manager functions.
    BackOffice Manager: Check this box to assign BackOffice access to the employee. BackOffice is the backend tool that allows you to manage your business.
    Don’t see ‘BackOffice Manager’? Visit our troubleshooting guide for more information.

  4. Click 'Save' to create the new employee.
  5. Get Updates on the register to apply the changes.

Edit / Remove Employees

It’s no problem to edit an employee if they forget their register code or need to update contact details. If an employee leaves the business, delete them so they can no longer access the register.

  1. Choose an employee.
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    If some employees appear to be missing, visit our troubleshooting guide to learn why.
  2. Make changes to the employee and tap 'OK' to save.

    Or, tap Delete to remove the employee.

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  3. Get Updates on the register to apply the changes.

Employee Settings

Restrict a cashier’s abilities by requiring manager verification to void open checks at the register.

  1. Check the box to require verification.
  2. Click 'Update' to save the new function.
  3. Get Updates on the register to apply the changes.

A manager must enter their code when a cashier tries to void all or part of a saved check.

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Employee Privileges

Only the Business Owner can access every option on the BackOffice navigation bar. The Business Owner login is the email address the ShopKeep account was created under.

Business Owner Access

Locations, Receipts, Taxes, Discounts, Tenders, Inventory Settings, Label Printing, General, Register Licenses, Hardware, MailChimp, QuickBooks

*User may also view a limited Staff List

BackOffice Manager with Register Code

Taxes, Discounts, Tenders, Inventory Settings, Label Printing, General, Hardware, MailChimp, QuickBooks


These employees do not have access to BackOffice. Assign them a Register Code in the BackOffice Staff List so that they can run sales at the register.

At the register, cashiers can view the Transaction and Checks screens, access the History / Returns screen, run a Shift Report, check gift card balances and load cards with funds on the Gift Cards screen, check hardware connections on the Hardware Setup screen, check out What’s New with the app, and get in-app support from the Help screen.

Still having issues adding staff? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide for some solutions!

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