Using the Time Clock

The Time Clock on the ShopKeep Register app allows employees to clock in and out so the Business Owner and BackOffice Managers can track hours worked in the BackOffice Time Clock Report. Employees clock in and out to record the beginning and end of their shift and of any unpaid breaks. Learn to clock in and out at the register, manually add or edit clock punches in BackOffice, and view a report containing all employee hours.

Table of Contents

Clock In & Out

Employees clock in and out on the register with a unique register code to record the start and end of their shift and of any unpaid breaks. Learn how to add new employees here.

Time clock use requires an active internet connection at the register and more than 1 employee to be set up in BackOffice. Without internet, clock punches will not be recorded or synced to BackOffice.

  1. If signed in to the ShopKeep Register app, open the Main Menu and tap ‘Sign Out’.

    ‘Sign Out’ is only available when more than 1 employee is set up in BackOffice.

  2. From the sign in screen, enter your four-digit register code.
  3. Tap 'Clock In' or 'Clock Out' to record a clock punch.
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  4. Tap ‘OK’ to dismiss the clock punch notification or ‘Print’ to print a chit to a connected receipt printer confirming the punch.
    • Employees must be clocked in to be able to clock out and vice versa.
    • Don’t have a receipt printer? Take a screenshot or photo of the screen.

    If a different clock punch notification appears, stay tuned as we slowly roll out this new experience for everyone.

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If an employee clocks in or out at the wrong time or has other issues using the time clock, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

Time Clock Report

From BackOffice, use the Time Clock report to track the hours your employees work.

  1. From BackOffice, click 'Staff' and select 'Time Clock'.

Read the Report

The Time Clock report is used to view each employee’s clock punches and total hours worked. The report is grouped by employee and hours in the report are listed in decimal hours.

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Employee Name | Name of staff member as it is currently entered in BackOffice.
Day of Week | Day the work shift occurred.
Time In | Date and time the employee clocked in for their shift.
Time Out | Date and time the employee clocked out for their shift.
Hours | Number of decimal* hours worked by the employee during that shift. Hours are not totaled until both a clock in and out are recorded. If a shift seems longer or shorter than expected, visit our troubleshooting guide for more information.

*The decimal in ‘Hours’ represents a fraction of an hour, NOT total minutes. For the number of minutes, multiply the decimal hour by 60. For example, 8.10 hours is 8 hours and 6 minutes (0.10 x 60).

Export | Click to download the displayed punches as a spreadsheet. Click here for a sample export.

  • If clock punches are incorrect or missing, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
  • Looking for more employee reporting? Run the Labor Tracking Report to view employee overtime and double time hours or the Sales by Employee Report to analyze employee sales.
  • Filter the Report

    Filter the report to view the hours of specific employees, hide or show data columns, and hide or show deleted, incomplete, or complete shifts.

    1. Click 'Filter'.
    2. Select a filter, then check or uncheck boxes to show or hide report information.

      Show/Hide Columns | Select or deselect the columns to be displayed on the report.

      Employees | Show or hide employees from view.

      Additional Filters | Select the categories of punches displayed on the report.

    Manage Time Clock Records

    Learn to edit time clock records in BackOffice to correct errors made while clocking in or out.

    Add a Work Shift

    If an employee does not clock in or out for a shift, you can manually add the work shift from BackOffice.

    1. Click 'Add Work Shift' from the Time Clock.

      This button is located at the top of the page and next to each employee on the report.

    2. Enter the shift information in the fields.
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    3. Click 'OK' to save.

    Edit a Work Shift

    Edit work shifts to fix mistakes on the report caused by employees clocking in or out at the wrong time.

    1. From the Time Clock, click the pencil icon next to the shift that needs to be changed.

      Look for punches with the wrong date or time, shifts that are longer or shorter than expected, and anything else that needs adjustment.

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    2. Update the employee's shift information, then click 'OK'.
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    Edited shifts have a link to the audit table, which shows all edits made to the shift and is used to track changes made to punches.

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    Delete a Work Shift

    Remove a work shift from an employee’s records in the Time Clock.

    1. Click the trash can icon next to any shift to be deleted.
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    2. Confirm the shift to be deleted, then click 'Delete'.
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    Deleted punches appear in gray on the time clock report. Click the audit table icon to view all changes made.

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    Audit Table

    The Time Clock Audit Table displays more detailed information about edited and deleted clock punches. Click the clock icon on the Time Clock report to view the table.

    Click here to view an example of an edited punch audit table.

    Click here to view an example of a deleted punch audit table.

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    Date / Time | Date and time of the edit or deletion.
    Staff Name | Employee that completed the punch.
    Edited By | Employee that edited the punch.
    Original Entry – In | Date and time of original clock-in.
    Original Entry – Out | Date and time of original clock-out.
    New Entry – In | Date and time of edited clock-in.
    New Entry – Out | Date and time of edited clock-out.
    Net Hours | Total number of hours worked.
    Change | Amount of time added or removed from the clock punch.