Clover Mini FAQ

The Clover All-in-One Credit Card Reader and Printer packs a card reader, printer, and customer display into a single piece of hardware. Check out this FAQ for answers to common questions about this device.

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Clover Device Setup

This section addresses questions you may have about setting up your Clover device.

How do I set up my Clover device?

Visit our setup article for step-by-step setup instructions.

Can I use my Clover device without an iPad?

No, the device must be connected to a ShopKeep iPad register.

How does the Clover device connect to my ShopKeep register?

The device connects to your iPad running the ShopKeep register app over your Wi-Fi network.

How does the Clover device connect to my network?

The device must either be physically plugged into your router or connected to it wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Do I need internet to use my Clover device?

An internet connection is required to activate the device and to process credit cards. Your iPad register must also be connected to the same network as the device to be able to communicate with it.

Visit our Best Practices for Network Setup article for recommendations on how to set up your network.

Can I use my Clover device with any credit card processor?

No, the device is only available to new merchants processing credit cards with ShopKeep Payments. Visit our FAQ to learn more about ShopKeep Payments or request a free quote here.

Which cash drawers are compatible with my Clover device?

The device works with all APG cash drawers available in the ShopKeep Store.

What is the included screwdriver used for?

You can use the screwdriver to change the direction of the Hub’s cable. Refer to the included Feature Guide for help switching the cable.

Do I need the included USB cable for setup?

No, the USB cable is not used during the setup process.

Using the Clover Device

This section covers questions about using your Clover device. Wondering what payment methods are supported or how to order more printer paper? It’s all here.

What kind of credit payments does my Clover device support?

The device accepts swiped credit/debit cards, EMV chip cards, manually entered cards, and contactless payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and contactless cards).

Visit our Using the Clover Mini article to learn how to process each payment type.

Can I use other credit card readers simultaneously with a Clover device?

No. Once a location is set up for Clover devices, other ShopKeep credit card readers, such as the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader, cannot be used with any of the location’s registers.

Can I process credit cards on registers not connected to a Clover device?

No. Once a location is set up to use Clover devices, registers must be connected to a Clover device to be able to process credit cards.

Can I change the suggested tip amounts that display?

Sure. Visit our Tips and Gratuity article to learn how to change the suggested amounts or to disable tipping.

Can I disable PIN entry for debit cards?

Yes. Visit our Using the Clover Mini article for help customizing the device’s payment settings. With PIN entry disabled, debit card transactions require a customer signature for authorization.

Can I set a signature threshold?

Yes. Visit our Using the Clover Mini article for help customizing the device’s payment settings. Transactions below the set threshold do not require a customer signature.

Can I process ShopKeep gift cards with my Clover device?

This device cannot currently read swiped gift cards. To issue, redeem, or check the balance of a gift card, the cashier must manually enter the gift card in the ShopKeep register app.

Visit our ShopKeep Gift Cards article to learn about using gift cards at the register.

Can customers sign and leave their tip on a paper receipt?

No, Clover devices currently support only tip and signature on screen.

Do I need to manually close my batch?

No. By default, batches are set to close automatically, however you can manually close a batch if desired. Visit our troubleshooting guide for help manually closing a batch.

How can I customize what appears on my printed receipts?

Visit our Paper Receipts article to learn how to customize your receipt in BackOffice.

Where can I order more printer paper?

Visit the ShopKeep Store to order 2” thermal receipt paper.

How do I return to the Clover device’s Home screen?

Tap all 4 corners of the screen to exit the Network Pay Display app and return to the Home screen. The corners must be tapped either simultaneously or one at a time in quick succession.

How can I get help if I have a problem?

Visit our troubleshooting guide for help solving problems related to setting up and using your device.

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