Gift Cards FAQ

This guide answers all frequently asked Shopkeep gift card questions. From becoming familiar with gift card options to understanding the gift card setup process, we’re here to help you gain a quick understanding and point you in the right direction of additional resources.

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General Questions

How much do ShopKeep gift cards cost?

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Prices vary based on package and card choice.
Visit our online store to view all available options and prices.

How do I order gift cards?

If you are new to ShopKeep gift cards, call us at 866.315.6978 to get started. If you have ordered gift cards before, you can re-order them from our online store. Learn more below.

How can I re-order gift cards?

You can reorder personalized or custom gift card by visiting this ShopKeep Store page. Click ‘Get More Gift Cards’ and we will guide you through the ordering process.

Can ShopKeep gift cards be used internationally?

ShopKeep gift cards are only available in the United States at this time.

Can gift cards be redeemed at all my locations?

Yes, if you have multiple locations your customers will be able to redeem gift cards at each location. However, each location’s BackOffice will only track its own liabilities. So, if a gift card is purchased at one location and redeemed at another, the liability reporting for each location will appear slightly skewed. We recommend referring to the Gift Card Portal for even liability reporting as all locations will report to one Gift Card Portal account setup under your main account.

Note that each location must be individually set up for ShopKeep Gift Cards if you’d like them to be redeemable at all your locations. See our Gift Card Setup article to learn more about getting started.

What’s the difference between personalized and custom cards?

For personalized cards, you choose from a list of card design and font options. Note that personalized card styles shown below are subject to change. Visit our store to view your personalized gift card options.

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Custom cards are fully customizable. Purchase our design service to have custom artwork designed for you.

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Experienced Photoshop/Illustrator users can follow our design specifications to design their cards.

Do gift card orders include envelopes or card holders?

Envelopes and card holders do not come standard with personal or custom cards.

Upon signing up for our Gift Card service, we will automatically send you 20 complimentary generic gift cards to get you started. Any additional accessories like envelopes or a stand can be ordered upon placing your gift card order. View our gift card options and accessories here.

Why didn’t I receive a proof after placing my order?

Proofs are provided while placing your order. You must approve the proof before submitting your order. Proofs will not be emailed to you unless you’ve chosen to use the ShopKeep Design Service.

Can I return gift cards I purchased through ShopKeep?

We cannot accept returns or provide refunds for gift card orders after they are sent to print.

How do I set up, activate, and redeem gift cards at the register?

Visit the ShopKeep Integrated Gift Cards support article for help setting up, activating, reloading, and redeeming gift cards.

Can I return a sale to a gift card?

No. Instead, return the sale to a different tender (like ‘Other’). In a separate transaction, sell a gift card for the exact return amount and tender it the same way as the return.

Can gift cards be reloaded?

Yes! Follow the process to issue a gift card and swipe the card you want to add value to.

What kind of reports are available for gift cards?

The Gift Card Liabilities report in BackOffice shows total issued, redeemed, and net liabilities. The gift card reporting portal contains several other comprehensive reports.

How do I cancel my gift card subscription?

Contact ShopKeep Customer Care with your request to cancel. Be advised that your gift cards and gift card portal will be unusable after canceling.

How can customers check their gift card balance?

Balances can be checked in-store at the register at the register or through the gift card reporting portal.

Personalized Gift Cards

How long does it take to receive personalized gift cards?

Personalized cards typically ship within 3-5 business days.

What does the personalized gift cards process look like?

Select the Personalized Card option when visiting the order form, then select your color and font style. Provide your business information and approve the proof, then submit your order. We will send you 20 free generic cards to get you started while you wait 3-5 business days for your cards to ship.

Custom Gift Cards

How long does it take to receive custom gift cards?

Custom gift cards generally ship within 10-15 business days after proof approval.

You can review the entire custom gift card process below.

What does the custom gift card process look like if I design my own cards?

Select the Custom Card option on the order form, then upload your design or select a service option. Provide all requested information and approve the proof before submitting your order. We will send you 20 free generic cards to get you started while you wait 10-15 business days for your cards to ship.

What does the custom gift card process look like if ShopKeep designs my cards?

Select the Custom Card option on the order form, provide your ShopKeep account name, select ‘Add Custom Gift Card Service‘. Upload any necessary files, such as logos or specific imagery (this is optional), then sit back and let ShopKeep do the designing! A proof will be emailed to you. Carefully review the proof and request a revision (if there are mistakes) or approve it (we cannot make changes after you approve). Once approved, your cards print and ship within 10-15 business days.

What specifications do I need to follow to design my own gift card artwork?

Click here to download our specification guide in PDF format.

Pay very close attention when creating your gift card design. Incorrectly formatted artwork will cause errors and delays in printing.

Do I need to submit a design for both the front and back of my cards?

Yes, you must submit both the front and back design templates.

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