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New to ShopKeep and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. This guide breaks down some of the most frequently asked questions about setting up your account, inventory, and hardware.

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Account Setup

This section addresses questions you may have while setting up your account, BackOffice, and register.

Is there a user guide or manual to help me get started?

Visit our Getting Started page for links to support articles to help you sign up and set up.

Who can I speak to about setting up a ShopKeep account?

Chat with a Point of Sale Specialist for help getting your account up and running.

What is the best way to set up an additional ShopKeep account for a new business location?

Congratulations on expanding your business! Check out these articles for help setting up and managing multiple ShopKeep locations:

  • Multi-Store: New Store Setup – Learn how to add a new linked location to an account and copy inventory and customers from the existing location to the new one.
  • Multi-Store Management – With your new location set up, learn how to switch between each BackOffice, access multi-location reporting, add and delete items in all linked locations, copy one register layout to all locations, and manage locations in ShopKeep Pocket.
  • If I sell my business, can the new owner take over my account?

    For a smooth transition, the new owner must create a separate ShopKeep account. The new owner can contact your Point of Sale Specialist for help setting up the account and copying over inventory.

    The new owner must also set up their own credit card processing. To be able to accept credit cards, they must either sign up for ShopKeep Payments or have their existing processor fill out our boarding form.

    After the new owner is set up, retrieve all necessary reporting from BackOffice and contact Customer Care to close your account. If you use ShopKeep Payments as your processor, submit a separate request to also close that account.

    Where can I download the ShopKeep register app?

    ShopKeep is available for download from Apple’s App Store. Visit the Introduction to the iPad article if you need help downloading ShopKeep.

    How do I activate my register?

    After downloading ShopKeep, open the app and tap ‘Activate Your Register’. For step-by-step activation help, visit the Activate & Sign In article.

    How can I add more registers?

    Add register licenses in BackOffice to be able to activate additional registers.

    Are there any iPad settings I should configure before using the register?

    Yes. For ShopKeep to run effectively, you should enable a few things in your iPad’s Settings app. Visit the Best Practices for ShopKeep Apps article to learn about these settings and how to enable them.

    How can I add employees?

    Add employees from the Staff List in BackOffice.

    How can I manage what employees can access?

    Visit the Staff List to manage employee access to the register and BackOffice.

    Can I customize my receipt?

    Of course. First, enter the business information to appear on receipts. After your business information is entered, add a logo, social media links, and other customizations to your email receipt. Learn about receipt setup here.

    Can I add my business logo to receipts?

    Yes. First upload a logo to be used for email receipts, then enable print settings on paper receipts if desired. Read our Receipt Setup article for more information.

    Due to limitations of thermal receipt printers, logos are automatically converted to grayscale to be able to print on paper receipts. Since not all logos are designed with this process in mind, print quality of individual logos will vary. We recommend following these tips to help your logo look its best when printed out:

  • Use a high-quality logo image as close to the 50kB file size limit as possible.
  • Upload the logo in .PNG format first. If print quality is not as expected, re-upload it in .JPG or .GIF format.
  • Make sure there is high contrast between adjacent layers as similar colors will blend and definition may be lost, especially with text. View examples of low and high contrast logos here.
  • Avoid gradients as they do not transfer well to printed logos.
  • Dark backgrounds will print as black, and light backgrounds will print as a shade of gray. For plain white, make the background transparent and save the logo as a .PNG file.
  • To test how a logo looks printed, add an item to a sale at the register, then tap ‘More…’ and ‘Print Check’.
  • Learn more about uploading a business logo and printing it on paper receipts here.

    Can I set up a customer list?

    Sure. You can add customers to the Customer List at the register, from BackOffice, or you can import customers from a spreadsheet.

    If you run into any problems managing customers in BackOffice, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

    How can I set up my account to accept credit cards?

    Visit the Credit Card Processing article to learn how to set up credit card processing.

    Can I change how customers sign for credit card sales?

    Yes, just change the Tips and Signature setting in BackOffice. You can have customers sign on the register’s screen or on a paper receipt.

    How can I set up my register to accept tips?

    Enable gratuity settings in BackOffice so customers can leave tips on credit card sales.

    How can I set up my account to accept gift cards?

    Contact us to set up your ShopKeep account for gift card processing.

    Can I add more tenders (gift cards, deposits, checks, etc.) to use at the register?

    Yes. Enable additional tenders from the Tender Settings section of BackOffice.

    Are there any integrations or add-ons I can set up?

    There are a few different integrations that add powerful features to help you manage your business:

  • QuickBooks – Sync your sales and returns to QuickBooks Online.
  • MailChimp – Send mass emails to customers on your Customer List.
  • BigCommerce – Sell your products online and sync inventory with BackOffice.
  • Inventory Setup

    Inventory is made up of items and items are what you sell. This section answers some of the most common questions about setting up basic and variant inventory items.

    How do I add inventory items?

    Go to the Items List in BackOffice to add basic items and items with variants. For large inventory lists, try importing items from a spreadsheet.

    Can I add inventory items to all of my locations at once?

    Yes. If you have multiple linked locations and are logged in as the Business Owner, you will see the option to create new items in all linked locations when adding items from the Item List or using Bulk Management.

    Can I transfer inventory from one ShopKeep location to another?

    While inventory items cannot be transferred between locations, they can be copied to a new linked location either automatically during its creation or manually after it is created. Read our article on new store setup for more information.

    What is the difference between basic items and items with variants?

    Basic items are for standalone items like Bottled Water or Blueberry Jam. Items with variants are for items sold in multiple variations, such as a single t-shirt with different sizes, colors, and materials.

    Should I use basic items or items with variants?

    Visit our Variants vs. Modifiers article to compare the benefits of using items with variants against using basic items with modifiers to decide which is best for your business.

    What are modifiers?

    Modifiers are item options commonly used in restaurants and bars for order customization. With modifiers, customers can choose the type of cheese for a burger, add-on some extra bacon, and hold ingredients.

    Can I create open priced items?

    Yes, visit the Open Priced Items article to learn how to set up this type of item.

    How can I add buttons to the register layout?

    Add buttons to the register layout in BackOffice from the Register Layout page.

    Can I create more than one button for an item on the register layout?

    No, there can only be one button per item.

    Can the same button appear on more than one register layout page?

    No, each button can only appear on one page at a time.

    Can I move or remove buttons from the register layout?

    Yes. Simply click and drag buttons to move them around the layout. Drag a button back up to the item list to remove it completely.

    Can I copy my register layout from one ShopKeep location to another?

    Yes. The register layout from an existing location can be automatically copied to a new linked location during its creation or applied to all existing linked locations at any time. Read our articles on new store setup and the register layout for more information.

    Does editing the register layout in one location affect the layout in another location?

    No, the register layout in each location must be managed separately from that location’s BackOffice.

    Can I create a button that applies a discount?

    No, buttons cannot have discounts assigned to them. Visit our Discounts support article to learn how to apply a discount to a sale.

    What are raw goods?

    Raw goods are sub-items that represent components of inventory items sold in your store. For example, if you sell a “large coffee” item, setting up the raw good “large coffee cup” can help track how much packaging is used when that item is sold. Raw goods work best for paper goods and non-consumable components.

    How can I get help with an inventory question not listed here?

    Visit our full Inventory FAQ for answers to additional questions about setting up and managing inventory.

    Hardware Setup

    A register is not complete without extras like a cash drawer, printer, or credit card reader. Here we cover frequently asked questions about buying and setting up hardware.

    What hardware is compatible with ShopKeep?

    Visit the ShopKeep Store or ShopKeep Support to see the hardware we support.

    How can I purchase hardware?

    Purchase hardware directly from the ShopKeep Store and contact us if you have questions.

    What hardware should I purchase?

    Each unique business has different hardware needs. Check out one of the following articles to get an idea of the hardware we recommend for your business type:

  • Setup for Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Setup for Mobile Businesses
  • Setup for Managed Institutions
  • Setup for Tradeshows
  • How do I set up my credit card reader?

    Visit our Hardware support page to find the setup article for your specific reader.

    How do I set up my receipt or ticket printer?

    Setup steps vary depending on which model printer you have. Visit our Hardware support page and find your printer for detailed setup help.

    Can I set up my cash drawer without a receipt printer?

    The cash drawer must be connected to a receipt printer for it to open automatically during cash transactions. You can use a cash drawer without a receipt printer, but you would need to open it manually with a key.

    How do I set up my label printer?

    Follow the DYMO LabelWriter Setup guide to learn how to set up your DYMO label printer.

    Can I use a barcode scanner?

    Yes, we support a few models of Bluetooth and USB barcode scanners. For help setting up a supported barcode scanner, visit our Hardware support page to find the setup guide for your specific scanner.

    Can someone help me set up my hardware?

    If your account includes training time, set up a prescheduled training session with a ShopKeep Expert for help setting up your hardware. If you do not have training time available, contact us to purchase sessions.

    How do I take care of my hardware after I set it up?

    After setting up your hardware, visit one of our best practices guides for tips on prolonging its life:

  • iPads and iPad Enclosures
  • Credit Card Readers and Barcode Scanners
  • Printers and Cash Drawers
  • How can I get help with a hardware question not listed here?

    Visit our full Hardware FAQ for answers to additional questions about setting up and using your hardware.

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