Clover Flex Setup

The light, compact, and mobile Clover Flex All-in-One Credit Card Reader and Printer allows you to accept credit cards and print customer receipts from one device. Customers can also view sale details, enter tips, and select receipt options right on the customer facing screen.

Watch our Clover Flex Setup and Use video below:

Clover Flex Setup & Use

Table of Contents

In the Box

The Clover Flex Credit Card Reader and Printer ships with the parts listed below:

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  • Clover Flex Device
  • Clover Flex Cradle
  • Power Brick and Cable
  • Receipt Paper
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Privacy Guard
  • Hardware Setup

    Complete the basic Clover Flex set up steps below to prepare the hardware for use with ShopKeep.

    1. Connect the power cable to the power brick and the other end of the power cable into a power outlet.
    2. Plug the power cable into the round port on the cradle and push the cable into the rubber grip.
    3. Place the Clover Flex on the cradle.
    4. Press and hold the power button to turn on the device.
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    5. Lift open the printer cover on the underside of the device.
    6. Load the printer paper so it feeds up from the bottom of the roll.
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    7. Close the cover on the paper, allowing some paper to show.
    8. Follow the steps below to activate your device.

    Device Activation

    After hardware setup, activate the Clover device for use with ShopKeep.

    1. Locate your activation email, sent and make note of the activation code.

      The email is sent to the ShopKeep account’s Business Owner email address.

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    2. On the Clover device, select your language and tap ‘Set Language’.
    3. Tap 'Configure' to set up the device over your wireless network.
    4. Select the Wi-fi network.
    5. Enter the password for the network, then tap 'Connect'.
    6. Enter the 8 digit activation code from step 1.
    7. Set a 4 or 6 digit passcode and tap ‘Set Passcode’.

      This is code used to unlock the device when rebooted, wake it from sleep mode, or to exit the Network Pay Display app.

    8. Enter the passcode again, then tap 'Confirm'.
    9. Wait for the default apps to download and install.
    10. Tap 'Print Test Receipt' to print a test receipt. Tap 'Continue'.

      Click to view sample test receipt.

    11. (optional) Customize the passcode setting and tap ‘Continue’.

      With ShopKeep, you do not need to change the tip and signature setting. Tip and signature preferences are controlled in BackOffice using the preferences in receipt settings.

    12. On the Home screen, open the Network Pay Display app.
    13. In the Network Pay Display app, tap 'Start'.
    14. Review how to exit the Network Pay Display app and tap 'Got it'.
    15. Keep the Network Pay Display app open and follow the steps below to connect the device to ShopKeep.

    Connect to ShopKeep

    With the Clover device activated, connect it to the ShopKeep register app to begin using it. Before getting started, make sure the Clover device and your ShopKeep iPad register are on the same internet network.

    1. Tap 'Get Updates' from the register control panel.
    2. Tap 'Hardware Setup'.
    3. On the 'Card Readers' screen, tap the Clover device.

      Don’t see the Clover device? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

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    4. Tap 'OK' on the pop-up to install the required certificate.

      ShopKeep will automatically close and the Safari app will open.

    5. In Safari, tap 'Allow'.

      Safari will automatically close and the Settings app will open.

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    6. In Settings, tap ‘Install’. Then tap ‘Install’ again.
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    7. Tap 'Install' to confirm the installation.
    8. Tap 'Done' to return to Safari.
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    9. Follow the steps displayed in Safari.
      • The steps in Safari must be completed.
      • Failure to complete this step will prevent the Clover device from connecting to ShopKeep.
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    10. After completing the Safari steps above, tap 'Return to register', then 'Open'.
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    11. In ShopKeep, tap the Clover device.
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    12. On the Clover device, enter the passcode created during device activation.
    13. On the Clover device, enter the pairing code displayed in the ShopKeep app.

      Not receiving a pairing code in ShopKeep? Return to Safari and complete step 9 from above.

    14. In ShopKeep, wait for a green checkmark to appear.
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    15. Tap 'Printer Setup'.
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    16. Toggle the switch next to the Clover device to use it as the receipt printer for this register.
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    17. (optional) Tap the ‘Test Print’ button to test the connection between ShopKeep and the device.

      If successful, this prints a slip of paper with the device’s name, MAC address, and the date/time. If the test print is unsuccessful, check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

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    Privacy Guard Installation

    Attach the optional privacy guard to shield the screen as customers enter their personal information.

    1. Align the privacy guard with the screen of the Clover Flex.
    2. Press down on the guard until it snaps into place.

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