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The Suppliers screen allows for robust organization of inventory items by vendor. Learn how to use suppliers in ShopKeep, visit the Suppliers screen to add, rename, and delete suppliers, and assign suppliers to items.

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Understanding Suppliers in ShopKeep

To understand how suppliers in ShopKeep impact inventory management, let’s define what they are, look at a few examples, and review how they are used.

Suppliers are the vendors from whom the business gets its items.
Examples of items and their suppliers:
Item Supplier
Bottled Water Grocery Supply Co.
T-Shirt USA Shirts
Sheet Set Bedding and More
Assign suppliers to inventory items to:
  • Quickly search the Item List for items from a particular supplier.
  • See which specific suppliers’ products generate the most sales with the Sales by Supplier report.
  • View supplier details on the Inventory Reorder report if inventory tracking is enabled.
  • Suppliers Screen

    View a list of existing suppliers, add new suppliers, edit supplier names, and delete suppliers all from one BackOffice screen.

    Please note we are slowly rolling out the Suppliers screen to all merchants. If it is not available to you in BackOffice, stay tuned.

    1. In BackOffice, click ‘Items’, then ‘Supplier List’.

    Add a New Supplier

    1. Click 'Add New'.
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    2. Enter the supplier’s name and click ‘Continue’.
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    3. Assign the supplier to inventory items obtained from that vendor.
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    Rename a Supplier

    1. Click ‘Edit’ next to a supplier.
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    2. Enter the updated supplier name and click ‘Continue’.
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    Delete a Supplier

    1. Click ‘Edit’ next to a supplier.
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    2. Select ‘Delete supplier’.

      Note: If a supplier has items assigned to it, deleting it will automatically unassign the items. Follow the steps here to assign the items to a new supplier.

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    3. Click 'Delete' to confirm.
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    Item Assignments

    Assign items to suppliers to organize the business’s BackOffice inventory. For large inventories (50+ items), we recommend using Bulk Management to create or modify items.

    To learn how to assign items to departments and categories, visit our Organize Inventory article.

    1. In BackOffice, click ‘Items’, then ‘Item List’.
    2. Click ‘Add New’ to create a new item or select an existing item to edit.
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      If adding a new item, visit one of the following articles for a complete item creation walkthrough:

    3. Choose a ‘Supplier’ or select ‘Add a new supplier’ from the drop-down to create a new one.
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    4. (Optional) Enter the supplier’s item ID.
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    5. Click ‘Save’ or ‘OK’ to save changes.
    6. In the ShopKeep app, tap 'Get Updates' to sync updates to the register.

      Receiving an error while getting updates? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

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