Email Receipts

Customers of ShopKeep merchants can choose to receive sales receipts by email and, when paying by credit card, have their email address remembered for all future transactions at any ShopKeep merchant.

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Why Did I Get an Email Receipt?

When making a purchase at a ShopKeep merchant, you will be asked if you want a printed or email receipt.

If requesting an email receipt, the receipt will be sent to the email address you provide at the end of the transaction. When paying by credit card, the email provided will be linked to your card and will automatically be filled on the receipt screen in the future when using that credit card at any ShopKeep merchant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about automatic email receipts and managing email receipt preferences.

What if I do not want to automatically receive email receipts when paying by credit card?

If you do not want an email receipt for a single transaction, tell the cashier or uncheck the box on the receipt screen. To opt out of automatically receiving email receipts for all credit transactions, follow the section below.

Can I automatically receive email receipts for credit transactions if I previously opted out?

Yes, you can opt back in to receiving automatic email receipts. To update your email receipt settings, follow the section below.

Can I change the email address linked to my credit card for email receipts?

Yes, just provide a new email address the next time you make a purchase with that credit card.

Why can I not see ‘Manage Preferences’ on my email receipt?

The ‘Manage Preferences’ option will only appear on email receipts from credit card sales. If any other tender was used, the email receipt will not have this option.

Why did I not receive an email receipt when I paid by credit card?

You may have previously opted out of automatic email receipts or the wrong email address may be linked to your credit card. You will never automatically receive an email receipt if the cashier manually enters your credit card or you use a contactless payment method.

Why did I receive an email receipt for a purchase I did not make?

This may occur when someone mistakenly enters your email address during a sale. To avoid receiving receipts for future purchases made with the same credit card, click ‘Not Your Receipt?’ in the emailed receipt, then ‘Unlink My Email’.

Manage Email Receipt Settings

Manage email receipt settings to control if your email address will automatically be remembered for emailed receipts on credit card transactions.

  1. Click ‘Manage Preferences’ on an email receipt from a ShopKeep merchant.
  2. Select an email receipt setting, then click ‘Save Changes’.
    • To opt in to automatic email receipts if currently opted out, select the top option.
    • To opt out of automatic email receipts, select the bottom option.
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