Open Checks

Checks are tabs that allow a sale to stay open until ready for payment. Save a customer’s order as an open check, modify the check to continue the order, and close it out when it’s time to pay.

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Open Checks

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Save a Check

Saving a sale as an open check suspends the transaction until the customer is done ordering & is ready to pay.

  1. Open the Transaction screen.

    If starting from the Checks screen, tap the + to get to the Transaction screen.

  2. If Guest Count is enabled, enter the number of guests for the check.
    a If prompted with a keypad, enter the guest count and tap ‘Done’.
    Use ‘None’ to record 0 guests when the exact count is unknown, such as with to-go or phone orders.
    b If not prompted, tap the Guests icon to enter the guest count.
    Learn how to enable the Guest Count prompt here.
  3. Add some items to the transaction and tap ‘Save’.
  4. (Optional) Enter a new name for the check. If using the iDynamo, swipe a credit card to automatically assign the cardholder's name to the check.

    By default, the check’s name is set to the name of the customer tagged to the sale.
    If no customer is selected, the name defaults to Walk-in plus the current time.

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  5. Tap ‘Save’ to confirm.

    Kitchen tickets automatically print for items assigned to a ticket printer and can be reprinted if needed.

If you have questions about saving or managing checks, visit our Register FAQ. Having problems with checks? Visit our Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide for help.

View Open Checks

The Checks screen displays all open checks currently saved on the register. By default, checks do not sync from one register to another register unless Serverless Sync™ is enabled.

***Open checks can be viewed only at the register and are not available in BackOffice.

  1. Open the Control Panel and select ‘Checks’.
  2. (Optional) Tap ‘All’ or ‘Mine’ to filter the Checks screen.

    All | Displays all checks saved on the register.
    Mine | Shows only checks belonging to the employee signed in.

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    From top to bottom: employee assigned to the check, check total, check name, number of guests, order status, and duration.

  3. Tap a check to view its order, modify it, or close it out.
  4. Tap a view option on the bottom of the Checks screen to sort checks in ascending or descending order.
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    Time Elapsed | Order checks by the time it was saved at the register or received via Online Ordering.
    Check Name | Order checks alphabetically by name. Online orders all begin with the letter ‘O’ and are organized on the check screen by ‘O’.
    Order Number | Order checks by order number, found on the bottom right corner.

Having trouble viewing saved checks? Visit our Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide for help.

Modify a Check

Once a check is saved, there are a few ways to modify it. You can add additional items, enter the number of guests, void canceled items, or give the check a new name.

Existing items on a saved check cannot be modified. This includes changing the modifiers or variants selected and adjusting the item quantity.

Add Items

When a customer orders more, follow these steps to add items to their check and save the changes.

  1. Select a check on the Checks screen.
  2. Add some additional items to the sale.
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  3. Tap ‘Save’ to save changes to the check.

    Kitchen tickets automatically print for new items that are assigned to a ticket printer and can be reprinted if needed.

    After saving the check, the Checks screen updates with the new total.

Update the Guest Count

Change the number of guests associated with a saved check.

  1. Select a check from the Checks screen.
  2. Tap the Guests icon to update the number of guests.
  3. Enter the number of guests and tap 'Done'.


If someone cancels their order, perform a void to discard all or part of a check without payment. Depending on your BackOffice Employee Settings, voids may require manager approval if performed by a cashier.

  • Voids are final once performed and cannot be reviewed later. If you void a check or item by mistake, you must ring it back up again.
  • Use void reporting to track the quantity and value of items voided at the register.
    1. Select a check on the Checks screen.
    2. To void a line item, swipe right across the item and tap ‘Void’.
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    3. To void the entire check, tap ‘Void’.
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    4. (Optional) Enter a manager code and tap ‘Void’ to authorize the void.

      This is only required if manager verification is enabled and a cashier attempts the void.

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    A void ticket prints for items assigned to a ticket printer to let staff know not to make those items.


    Maybe a customer changes tables or a cashier misspells their name. Whatever the case, you can rename checks directly from the Transaction screen.

    1. Select a check on the Checks screen.
    2. Tap the name of the check.
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    3. Enter a new name and tap ‘Save’.

    Need to split or merge checks? Visit the Split, Merge, & Transfer support article to learn about more ways to modify checks.

    Close a Check

    Once a customer finishes ordering, close out their check to process its payment and remove it from the Checks screen.

    1. Tap a check on the Checks screen.

      If a check’s status is ‘Awaiting Tip’, the customer’s credit card was already authorized, but a tip was not entered. Visit the Tip Later article to learn how to enter the tip to close out the check.

    2. Select the customer's payment tender.

      If you need help processing the payment, visit our Running Sales at the Register article.

    3. Select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’ or tap 'No Receipt'.

    If you have issues closing a check, visit our Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide for help.

    Open Check Reporting

    Run a Shift Report during an open shift to view the number and value of open checks currently saved on the Checks screen.

    Open checks are available in the Shift Report on the ShopKeep Register on The Mini and The Station and on the ShopKeep Register for iOS v3.0.0 and above. For help updating the app, visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

    1. During an open shift, open the Control Panel and tap ‘Shift Report’.
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    2. Scroll down to view information about the open checks currently saved on the Checks screen.

      Managers can view details of all employees’ checks, but cashiers can only see details of their own checks.

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      Open Checks | Number of open checks currently saved on the Checks screen. If Serverless Sync™ is enabled, checks from all connected registers are included. This changes to 0 after the shift is closed, even if checks are still open.
      Open Checks Total | Current value of all ‘Open Checks’ based on the prices of each check’s items, discounts applied, and sales tax. This changes to 0 after the shift is closed, even if checks are still open.

    3. (Optional) Managers can tap 'All Employees' and select an employee to see their individual report.
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    4. (Optional) Tap ‘Print X Report’ to print a copy to a connected receipt printer.

      Receiving an error while printing? Visit one of our printer troubleshooting guides for help.

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      To learn about the other information included on the Shift Report, visit our X and Z Reports article.

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