Register Control Panel

The Control Panel is your Register app navigation that contains a variety of cashier and manager functions for running your business and assisting customers.

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Cashier Controls

Employees with Cashier privileges can run sales and returns, check gift card balances, reprint receipts, and perform many other everyday register actions.

History / Returns

The History / Returns screen allows a cashier to browse the shift’s transactions, filter through customer transaction history, process returns, and reprint receipts.


ShopKeep returns call up the original sale and refund the transaction back to the customer.

Use the History / Returns screen to find and return transactions from current or previous shifts. If you’d like to return a transaction from a previous shift, search by scanning the barcode on the bottom of the receipt, the last 4 of the credit card used, the transaction number, or the customer’s contact information.

  1. Tap 'History / Returns' on the Control Panel.
  2. Select a transaction to return and tap 'Begin Return'.
  3. Select the items for return.

    The highlighted items will be returned. Tap ‘Select all’ to return all items.

  4. Choose the tender for return.

    The original sale tender is the suggested tender for return. Sales can only be returned to Credit if originally paid by credit.

  5. Select 'Print' or 'Email' Receipt (optional) and tap 'Done'.

Sales originally tendered as cash cannot be returned to a credit card. Returns back to a credit card require the original transaction number from the receipt. Search by scanning the barcode on receipt, the transaction number, customer contact information (name, phone number, email), or the last 4 digits of the credit card used to find the original transaction on the History / Returns screen.

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Reprint / Gift Receipt

If a customer needs an extra copy of their transaction receipt, visit the History/Returns screen to reprint it.

  1. Tap 'History / Returns' on the Control Panel.
  2. If the transaction is from the current shift, find it on the list.
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  3. If the transaction is from a previous shift, use the search bar to look it up.

    Search by transaction number or last 4 digits of the customer’s credit card.

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    Or tap the arrow and select ‘Customer’ to search by customer name, email, or phone #.

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  4. Select the transaction and tap ‘Print Receipt’

    Or tap the arrow and ‘Print Gift Receipt’ to print a copy without prices.

Shift Report

The Cashier Shift Report allows an employee to view information on transactions they ran during their shift. Managers can run the Shift Report for individual employees or cumulatively for all employees.

  1. Choose 'Shift Report' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap 'Print X Report' to generate a printed copy (optional).

Gift Cards

If using integrated ShopKeep Gift Cards, check the balance of a customer’s card directly from the register.

  1. Choose 'Gift Cards' from the Control Panel.
  2. When prompted, swipe a gift card to view how much is left.

Hardware Setup

Connect your receipt/ticket printer to ShopKeep or set up your credit card reader.

Printer Setup

  1. Choose 'Hardware Setup'. Then, 'Printer Setup'.
  2. Toggle the switch next to the receipt and / or ticket printer to turn it on.

    Switches can be toggled ‘on’ or ‘off’ at each register to change the status of printers.

  3. Tap 'Test Print' to confirm that your printer works.

Card Readers

  1. Press 'Hardware Setup'. Then, 'Card Readers'.
  2. Tap your card reader to connect it.

    Your reader is ready to use when a green check mark appears.

What’s New

Check out what’s new in the world of ShopKeep. Unread articles are marked with a green dot.
  1. Choose 'What’s New' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap on a story to read it or choose 'Mark All as Read'.

Show Help

Whether you’re training a new employee or just need a refresher, Help will highlight ShopKeep features.
  1. Choose 'Help' from the Control Panel and swipe through the help pages
  2. When finished, tap the X in the top right to dismiss.
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Manager Controls

If an employee has Manager privileges, they’ll see store and employee management options that Cashiers do not have access to. These options include Shifts (open/close), No Sale, Drop / Payout, Get Updates, and Diagnostics. Additionally, Managers still have access to all Cashier functions.

Shifts (Open)

Open Shift is where you begin a shift. Set the initial drawer amount, then start running sales.

  1. With the shift closed, sign in as a Manager.
  2. Use the keypad to enter the opening amount. Tap 'Open Shift'.
    The opening amount cannot be changed unless a new shift is opened.

Shifts (Close)

Close the shift at the end of your business day.

  1. Choose 'Close Shift' from the Control Panel.
  2. Enter the amount of cash left in the drawer. Tap 'Close Shift'.
  3. After closing, tap 'Print Z Report' for a hard-copy of your totals (optional).

No Sale

A simple way to pop open the drawer without performing a sale. Keep track of No Sales in BackOffice on the Pay ins & Payouts report.

  1. Choose 'No Sale' from the Control Panel.

If the cash drawer doesn’t open, visit our Troubleshooting Guide for help fixing the issue.

Pay In / Payout

Perform a Drop or Payout any time you need to remove money from the register for any reason other than a return. Need to add more cash to the drawer mid-shift? Have a manager perform a Pay In. It’ll be recorded on the Shift Report and in BackOffice reporting while helping to keep the drawer balanced.

  1. Choose 'Pay In / Payout' from the Control Panel.
  2. Select a type of Drop / Payout or Pay In. Enter an amount and 'Continue'.
  3. Enter a comment (optional) and tap 'Done'.
  4. Tap 'OK' to finish or No Sale to open the drawer.
  • Safe Drop is for making cash deposits from your till into your safe or bank.
  • Payout is a general reason for removing cash from the drawer.
  • Pay In is used when you need to add money to the drawer.
  • Buy Inventory is for purchasing business supplies or ingredients.
  • Non-Cash Gratuity is for paying employees credit gratuity from the till.
  • Get Updates

    After making updates in BackOffice, such as adding buttons to the register layout, use Get Updates to sync the changes to your register.

    This does NOT update the ShopKeep app itself. App updates are available via the App Store.

    1. Tap 'Get Updates' on the Control Panel.
    2. Wait for the ShopKeep register to finish syncing.

    If you receive an error while getting updates, visit our Troubleshooting Guide for help fixing the issue.

    Diagnostics Overview

    Located under Diagnostics on the Control Panel, this screen shows quick, at-a-glance information on the current state of your register and hardware connections.

    1. Choose 'Overview' from the Control Panel.
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    Learn more about Diagnostics in the Diagnostics Screen support article.

    Register List

    Located under Diagnostics on the Control Panel, this option only appears if you’ve enabled Serverless Sync™ for your account. The Register List lets you know which registers are currently connected and able to communicate with one another.
    1. Choose 'Register List' from the Control Panel.
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      Read more about this feature in our Serverless Sync™ support article.

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