The images and steps in this article use the latest ShopKeep Register for iOS v4.0.0 without register feature enhancements. If a different register version appears on your iPad please follow the instructions in our Register Main Menu article.

>Visit our ShopKeep iOS Register Updates 2019 article for more information on the latest feature enhancements included in 4.0.0 and how to update your registers.

Register Control Panel

The Control Panel is the ShopKeep Register app’s navigation menu that contains the cashier and manager functions used to run your business and assist customers. Sales and returns, opening and closing shifts, and shift reports are just a few examples of features found on the Control Panel.

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Access the Control Panel

The Control Panel houses all register functions. Open and close shifts, perform pay ins and payouts, and access other cashier and manager controls from here. Learn how to open the Control Panel below.

  1. Sign into the ShopKeep Register app.
  2. Tap the menu button.
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  3. Select an option on the Control Panel.

    Below we cover the cashier functions available in the ‘General’ and ‘Diagnostics’ sections and the manager functions available in the ‘Manager’ section.

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Cashier Controls

Employees with cashier privileges can run sales and returns, check gift card balances, reprint receipts, and perform many other everyday register actions.

History / Returns

The History / Returns screen allows a cashier to browse the shift’s transactions, filter through customer transaction history, process returns, reprint sales receipts and gift receipts, and view instructions for requesting tip adjustments (if processing credit cards with ShopKeep Payments).

Browse Transaction History
  1. Tap 'History / Returns' on the Control Panel.
  2. To view a transaction from the current shift, find it on the list.
  3. To view a transaction from a previous shift, search for it or scan the barcode on the original receipt.
    a To search by transaction details, enter the transaction number or last 4 digits of the customer’s credit card.
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    b To look up a customer’s purchase history, tap the arrow and select ‘Customer’. Then, search by customer name, email, or phone #.
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    c If the original sales receipt is present and has a barcode, scan it to pull up the sale.
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Process a Return
  1. Tap the 3 dot menu on any transaction, then tap 'Begin Return'
  2. Visit our Performing Returns article for the full steps to complete the return.
Reprint a Receipt
  1. Select a transaction from the current shift or a previous shift.
  2. Tap 'Print Receipt' from the 3 dot menu to reprint the receipt.

    Or, tap the 3 dot menu and ‘Print Gift Receipt’ to print a copy without prices. Gift receipts can only be reprinted for transactions from the current shift.

Request a Tip Adjustment

This feature is only available to merchants processing credit cards with ShopKeep Payments and using the ShopKeep Register for iOS v4.3.0 and above.

  1. Tap the 3 dot menu on a credit sale, then ‘Adjust Tip’.
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  2. Follow the instructions for requesting a tip adjustment.

    To learn more about the tip adjustment process, read our Tips and Gratuity article.

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Shift Report

The cashier Shift Report allows an employee to view information on transactions they ran during their shift. Managers can run the Shift Report for individual employees or cumulatively for all employees.

  1. Select 'Shift Report' from the Control Panel.
  2. (Optional) Managers can tap 'All Employees' and select an employee to see their individual report.

    Cashiers cannot filter by employee. Cashiers can only view their own report that reflects the sales they ran during the shift.

  3. Tap 'Print X Report' or 'Print Z Report' to print a copy to a connected receipt printer.

    To learn about the information contained in this report, visit our X and Z Reports article.

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Gift Cards

If using integrated ShopKeep Gift Cards, check the balance of a customer’s card directly from the Gift Cards section of the Control Panel.

  1. Select 'Gift Cards' from the Control Panel.
  2. When prompted, swipe a gift card to see its balance.

Hardware Setup

Set up a receipt printer, ticket printer, or credit card reader for use with ShopKeep from the Hardware Setup screen.

Printers and card readers must be physically set up and powered on before they will appear on the ‘Hardware Setup’ screens. Visit our Hardware page to locate the setup guide for your specific device.

Printer Setup
  1. Select 'Hardware Setup' from the Control Panel, then 'Printer Setup'.
  2. Toggle the switch next to a receipt and/or ticket printer to turn it on.

    Switches can be toggled on and off at each register to change the status of printers at that register.

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  3. (Optional) Tap the ‘Test Print’ button to test the connection between ShopKeep and the printer.

    If successful, this prints a slip of paper with the printer’s name, MAC address, and the date/time.

Card Readers
  1. Select 'Hardware Setup' from the Control Panel, then 'Card Readers'.
  2. Tap the card reader to connect it.

    The reader is ready to use when a green checkmark appears.

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What’s New

Check out what’s new in the world of ShopKeep. Unread articles are marked with a green dot.

  1. Select 'What’s New' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap a story to read it or tap 'Mark All as Read'.
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Whether training a new employee or looking for a refresher, the Control Panel’s Help screen highlights the most important ShopKeep Register features.

  1. Select 'Help' from the Control Panel.
  2. Swipe left and right to navigate the help pages
  3. When finished, tap the X in the top right to dismiss.
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Diagnostics Overview

Located under Diagnostics on the Control Panel, this screen shows information on the current state of the register and its hardware connections.

  • Cashiers can access the Diagnostics screen in the ShopKeep Register for iOS v2.44.0 and above. For help updating the app, visit our Introduction to the iPad article.
  • Register managers can access the Diagnostics screen in all versions of the ShopKeep Register for iOS.
    1. Select 'Overview' from the Control Panel.

      Learn about each part of the Diagnostics screen here.

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    Manager Controls

    If an employee has manager privileges, they will see additional Control Panel options that cashiers cannot access. These options include Shifts (open/close), No Sale, Pay in / Payout, Online Ordering, Get Updates, and Diagnostics. Additionally, managers still have access to the cashier functions covered above.

    Open / Close Shift

    Open and close shifts from the Control Panel to maintain accurate reporting and make it easy to balance the cash drawer each day.

    Open Shift
    1. Sign into the register when the shift is closed.
    2. Use the keypad to enter the opening amount, then tap 'Open Shift'.

      The opening amount cannot be changed unless a new shift is opened.

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    Close Shift
    1. Select 'Close Shift' from the Control Panel.
    2. Enter the amount of cash left in the drawer, then tap 'Close Shift'.
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    3. (Optional) Tap 'Print Z Report' to print a copy of the shift's totals to a connected receipt printer.
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    No Sale

    Performing a No Sale is a simple way to pop open the cash drawer without running a sale. Keep track of No Sales in BackOffice with the Pay ins & Payouts report.

    1. Select 'No Sale' from the Control Panel.

      If the cash drawer does not open, visit our troubleshooting guide for help fixing the issue.

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    Pay In / Payout

    Perform a payout any time you need to remove money from the register for any reason other than a return. Need to add more cash to the drawer mid-shift? Do a pay in. Pay ins and payouts help keep the cash drawer balanced and are recorded in BackOffice reporting.

    1. Select 'Pay In / Payout' from the Control Panel.
    2. Select a type of pay in or payout.
      • Safe Drop is for making cash deposits from the till into a safe or bank.
      • Payout is a general reason for removing cash from the drawer.
      • Pay In is used to add money to the drawer.
      • Buy Inventory is for purchasing business supplies or ingredients.
      • Non-Cash Gratuity is for paying employees credit card gratuity from the till.
    3. Enter an amount and tap 'Continue'.
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    4. Enter a comment (optional) and tap 'Done'.
    5. Tap 'OK' to complete the pay in or payout.
    6. Tap 'No Sale' on the Control Panel to open the cash drawer and add or remove money.

    Online Orders

    Use this tab to toggle online ordering from active to paused. Active status allows the register to receive orders when online ordering has been enabled in BackOffice. While paused, orders will not be placed until the feature is reactivated in the control panel.
    This feature is only available for registers updated to v3.0.0 and above. For help with updating visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

    1. Tap 'Online Orders-Paused' to make the feature active.

      If already enabled, tap to pause.

    Get Updates

    After making updates in BackOffice, such as adding buttons to the register layout, use Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

    Note: This does NOT update the ShopKeep app itself. App updates are available via the App Store.

    1. Select 'Get Updates' from the Control Panel.
    2. Wait for the ShopKeep register to finish syncing.

      If you receive an error while getting updates, visit our troubleshooting guide for help fixing the issue.

    Register List

    For stores with multiple registers connected via Serverless Sync™, the Register List shows which registers are currently connected and which are disconnected. Connected registers can share saved checks with one another, but disconnected registers cannot.

    The Register List is only available when Serverless Sync™ is enabled. Learn how to set up and use this feature here.

    1. Select 'Register List' from the Control Panel.
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