ShopKeep 4.0+ Register Updates

We’re always looking for ways to make the ShopKeep Register app easier to use and more intuitive. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new iOS app featuring significant changes thanks to feedback from merchants like you! The days of moving from the Register to BackOffice for every small change are over – now you can take advantage of some of ShopKeep’s inventory features right from within the app.

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Introducing 4.0

A New Coat of Paint

The first thing you might notice is the new color for the main action buttons, which are now a beautiful “ShopKeep Blue” to match BackOffice and Pocket (and our Android register).
Most prominent are the Cash and Credit buttons on the New Sale screen, but you’ll also see the change throughout the app on other pages including the sign in screen and Main Menu. Speaking of which…

New Navigation

We’ve updated the Main Menu to make features clearer to staff and to group features by what they do rather than who performs the feature. We also updated the name. Good bye Control Panel, hello Main Menu. Let’s take a look!


Everyday cashier functions are now listed under the Transactions section. You’ll notice some new names for each page but the functionality remains the same.

Starting at the top, there is the New Sales screen (formerly Transaction) to start a new sale, the Saved Sales (formerly Checks) screen to see all sales that were saved during the shift, the Sales History screen (formerly History/Returns) to see sales in the current shift, search sales by customer or transaction number and begin returns, and the Check Gift Card Balance screen (formerly Gift Cards) to see what the balance is on a gift card.

Cash Management

Manager functions are now listed under the Cash Management section.

From this section you can open and close register shifts to reconcile your cash flow, run register X and Z reports to see how your day is going or how your day went, open the cash drawer at any time without running a sale (formerly No Sale), and perform pay ins or payouts to add or remove cash from the till.


Onto the completely new stuff! Staff with BackOffice access can now use the Setup section to add or edit inventory items and manage shortcuts at the register! Shortcuts? These are just register buttons with a fancy, schmancy new name.

Register managers can still set up hardware, activate and pause online ordering, and push BackOffice updates to the register.


This new section houses a number of old favorites.

Learn about new ShopKeep features, view the diagnostic details for the register, and if you have Serverless Sync enabled, you can view the status of all the registers at the location.

New Sales Screen

The Transaction screen is getting a makeover to make features clearer and more accessible to staff. Let’s take a look!

Item Search Updates

We moved item search to the bottom left corner to be near all the item and shortcut options. We also made search fullscreen!

Delete, Print, and Save Options

From the upper right corner you can delete an entire sale, print a kitchen ticket, or save a sale by tapping the corresponding icon.

Tender and … more updates

We renamed the ‘More’ button to ‘…’ and all your other tenders, including Split Tender, are still housed here.

How can I get this Register version?

ShopKeep’s iOS 4.0 Register (and beyond) is available in the Apple App Store as of July 23rd, 2019, meaning any new merchant or new Register downloading the app will have access to this latest version.
If you are an existing merchant using a previous version of the Register app and would like to experience all of the changes in ShopKeep 4.0, please update your app from the Apple App Store.

  1. Update to the latest iOS version of ShopKeep.

    For help with updating visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

Frequently Asked Questions and TL;DR

Where’s Manage Items and Edit Shortcuts?

If you recently updated the ShopKeep app to the 4.0 version and are missing these 2 tabs in the Setup section there are 2 possible issues: The register version you are using has not been updated to the latest OR the code you use to access the Register is not listed as a BackOffice Manager. Follow below to fix one or both issues.

To update the iOS register app.

For additional help updating visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

  1. Go to the iOS App Store on your iPad.
  2. Search for ShopKeep or go to your Purchased list.
  3. Tap 'Update'.
  4. Log into the register once the download has finished.

To update to privileges as a BackOffice Manager.

  1. In BackOffice, go to Staff then Staff List, and tap on your profile.
  2. Confirm that the code matches the code you use to sign into the Register.
  3. For the “BackOffice Permission” field, select “BackOffice Manager”.

    Enter a username/email address and password. If you enter an email address, it must not match the email address shown in the upper right corner of BackOffice.

  4. Tap Save.
  5. At the Register tap Get Updates.

Where did the Control Panel go?

Nowhere! The Control Panel has been renamed Main Menu. This is where you can find all the register functions.
For a full rundown of the Main Menu check out our support article here.

Where did Checks go?

We’ve renamed ‘Checks’ to ‘Saved Sales’.
For more information on Saved Sales check out our support article here.

Where did the 'No Sale' go?

It’s still there! Doesn’t ‘Open the Cash Drawer’ make that easier it understand though? If you miss the ‘No Sale’ it still comes up when you tap to open the cash drawer so it’s not gone far.

What if I don’t like the redesigned Transaction screen or I don’t want to access BackOffice from the Register?

If you don’t want these helpful new features enabled, you can leave the checkbox in your Register settings page unchecked and use the old Register setup (but with blue buttons) for a limited time period. Eventually, however, all customers will be required to switch over, so we recommend getting used to the new layout as early as possible.


Here’s a run down of what’s new!
Color updates
-Brand new, bold ‘ShopKeep Blue’ at the register now matches BackOffice and the Pocket app.
Navigation and transaction improvements
-Updated labels and organization in the navigation Main Menu.
-Transactions renamed to New Sales and Checks to Saved Sales
-Search moved from upper right to lower left, beneath the shortcuts panel.
-Buttons for delete and void, print (ticket or check), and save are now in the upper right corner.
-‘More’ button now labeled ‘…’.
BackOffice features within the Register
-View the Items List, create and edit basic items, create and edit items with variants .
-Edit and manage shortcuts and the shortcuts panel.

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