Split, Merge, and Transfer Checks

Learn how to split one open check into several, merge multiple checks together, and transfer check ownership between employees.

Note: This feature is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS.

Watch our Check Management video below:

Check Management

Table of Contents

Checks Screen

Visit the Checks screen to view, manage, split, merge, or transfer open checks saved on the register. By default, checks do not sync from one register to another register unless Serverless Sync™ is enabled.

  1. Open the Control Panel and select 'Checks'.
  2. (Optional) Tap 'All' or 'Mine' to filter the Checks screen.

    All | Displays all open checks saved.
    Mine | Shows only checks belonging to the employee signed in.

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  3. (Optional) Select a view option to sort checks in ascending or descending order.
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    Time Elapsed | Order checks by the time it was saved at the register or received via Online Ordering.
    Check Name | Order checks alphabetically by name. Online orders all begin with the letter ‘O’ and are organized on the check screen by ‘O’.
    Order Number | Order checks by order number, found on the bottom right corner.

Split Checks

Splitting a check allows the cashier to separate its items into multiple new checks.

  1. On the Checks screen, tap 'Select'.
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  2. Select a check to split.
  3. Tap 'Actions' and select 'Split'.
  4. Tap items on the original check to move them to the new split.
  5. (Optional) Tap the + to add additional splits. Repeat step 4 to add items to each new split check.

    Tap on a split to toggle which split is selected. Use Discard to remove the selected split.

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  6. Select 'Done' to complete the split.
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    Split checks have the same name as the original check but with a number added at the end.

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Want to rename the newly split checks? Visit our Troubleshooting Guide for help.

Merge Checks

Merging combines items and the number of guests from multiple checks into a single check.

  1. On the Checks screen, tap 'Select'.
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  2. Pick two or more checks to merge together.
  3. Tap 'Actions' and select 'Merge'.
  4. (Optional) Enter a name for the merged check.

    If no name is entered, the check will be called Merged and will contain the time the merge occurred.

  5. Select 'Save' to complete the merge.
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Transfer Checks

Transferring a check changes the employee who has ownership of it.

  1. On the Checks screen, tap 'Select'.
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  2. Select a check to transfer.
  3. Tap ‘Actions’ and select ‘Transfer to’.
  4. Choose an employee to receive the transferred check.
  5. Enter the receiving employee’s register code and tap ‘Verify’.
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    The transferred check is now assigned to the receiving employee.

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FAQ & Troubleshooting

After mastering the Checks screen, check out these additional resources if you have questions or need help.

iPad Register FAQ | Refer to this page if you have questions about using the Checks screen or general questions about using the register.

Advanced Topics FAQ | This article answers commonly asked questions about Serverless Sync, the optional feature used to sync checks between registers.

Checks Screen Troubleshooting Guide | Visit this guide for help resolving common Checks screen problems. We’ll walk you through the steps to resolve your issue.

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