Marketing Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard lets you monitor your customer list growth, identify top customers, and see which of your social media channels are most popular.

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Run the Dashboard

From BackOffice, run the Marketing Dashboard to get an overview of your customers and their behavior.

  1. Click 'Marketing' and select 'Marketing Dashboard'.
  2. Select a date range and click 'Retrieve'.

Read the Dashboard

Learn below about the info included on the Marketing Dashboard to maximize its benefit to your business.

Customer Growth

This part of the dashboard tracks the growth of your customer list. See which customers visit the most often and which spend the most money.

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Total New Customers Added
Number of new customers added to your customer list from the register or BackOffice.
Total New Emails Added
Number of new email addresses assigned to customers from the register or BackOffice.
Transactions Assigned to Customers
Percentage of transactions that had a customer tagged to them.
Top Customers by Visits
Top customers ranked by the number of sales they were tagged to.
Top Customers by Purchases
Top customers ranked by their total pre-tax purchases.
Visit the Sales by Customer Report to view the items purchased by your top customers.

Remember to have cashiers tag customers to sales so this information is tracked.

Email Receipt Interaction

If your email receipt is set up, this section tells you how often customers visit your social media links.

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Total Emailed Receipts
Number of times receipts were emailed to customers from the register.
Total Social Media Clicks
Number of times customers clicked a social media link in their emailed receipt.
Clickthrough Breakdown
Shows how often customers clicked each individual social media link.

Remember to add social media links to your email receipts in order to use this section.

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