Free Accounts with ShopKeep

Free ShopKeep accounts come with many benefits including a powerful register system, easy to set up credit card processing, detailed reporting, and unlimited inventory items. Start setting up today to begin running sales and, if you need more functionality, upgrade to a paid account.

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What is a Free ShopKeep Account?

A free ShopKeep account allows you to use ShopKeep for a single location, with a single register, and a single staff member. It includes unlimited inventory and detailed reporting for up to $5,000 in sales each month. If you are interested in adding additional registers, locations, or staff members, are running more than $5,000 per month in sales, or need access to live support, upgrade to a paid account directly from BackOffice.

Account Setup

Get started with a free ShopKeep account by creating an account directly from the ShopKeep app in the Apple App Store and then logging into the ShopKeep BackOffice. Finish initial setup in BackOffice by adding items, customizing receipts, and entering a tax rate.

  1. Follow the steps here to sign up for a free account from the ShopKeep Register app.
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  2. Log into BackOffice to set up items, receipts, tax rates, and other aspects of your account.

    BackOffice is where the business manages inventory, views reporting, and customizes account settings.

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Add Items

Begin by entering the inventory items that will be sold at the register. As you add items, you can customize the details of each one including the price, cost, and quantity on hand.

  1. From BackOffice, click 'Items' and select 'Item List'
  2. Click 'Add Item'.
  3. Select whether to create a Basic Item or an Item with Variants.

    Basic items are sold individually or with modifiers. Items with variants are items sold in variations, like a single shirt with multiple sizes.

  4. After adding items, create register buttons to easily access them at the register.

Receipt Setup

Paper and email receipts can be customized with your business location and contact information. Follow the steps below to set them up.

  1. From BackOffice, click 'Settings', then 'Receipts and Tips'.
  2. Click the 'Paper Receipt' tab. Enter information about your store including location and printer settings.
  3. Click the 'Email Receipt' tab to set up email receipts with information such as your business logo and social media links.

Manage Tax Rates

Set the default tax rate that will automatically be applied to all taxable items at the register, then set up additional tax rates (if necessary) to override the default tax for specific items.

  1. From BackOffice, click 'Settings', then 'Taxes'
  2. Click the default tax rate indicated by the checkmark.
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  3. Enter your rate, rename the tax rate (optional), and click 'Update'.
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  4. (Optional) Back on the Taxes page, click 'Add New' to set up additional tax rates for each different tax rate you charge.

For more on taxes, including how to assign inventory items to tax rates other than the default, visit our Manage Tax Settings article.

Set Up Hardware

The type of business you run determines the hardware you need. Visit the ShopKeep store to find hardware solutions that fit your business needs. Receiving a free card reader? Click here to learn how to set it up!

After ordering hardware, visit one of the guides on our Hardware support page to learn how to set it up!

Credit Card Processing Setup

Quickly and easily set up integrated credit card processing from BackOffice to start running credit sales at the register. Sign up and, if approved, you’ll receive a free ShopKeep card reader for swiping cards.

Note: Credit card processing is free on your first $5,000 in sales run during the first 30 days after signing up for a free ShopKeep account.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Settings', then 'Payments'.
  2. Enter the account owner's name, phone number, and address, then click 'Continue'.
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  3. Enter your business information, then click 'Continue'.
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  4. Enter the social security number and birthdate of the account owner on file and click 'Enable & get my free reader' to continue.
    This information is entered during steps 2 – 3. Click ‘Edit’ to make changes.
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  5. Click 'OK' to confirm setup and request free card reader.
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  6. Return to 'Payment Settings' in the menu.
  7. Click 'Link bank account'.
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  8. Enter your bank account information to allow for credit deposits, then click 'Link bank account'.
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  9. Click 'OK' to confirm.

    The bank account will begin receiving deposits within 1-2 business days.

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  10. 'Get Updates' on the register to apply the changes.

    You can now accept credit cards at the register.

ShopKeep Register

Set up the ShopKeep register app on your iPad to get started running sales! Learn the basics below.

Download and Activate

Check out our Introduction to the iPad to learn how to download the ShopKeep app from the App Store. Activate the ShopKeep app to link your register and account.

If you downloaded and activated the ShopKeep Register app during account setup, skip this section as your register is already activated.

  1. Open the ShopKeep app and tap 'Activate Your Register'.
  2. Enter your store name and manager code, then tap 'Activate'.

    Store Name: Your account name with no spaces or punctuation.
    Manager Code: The code can be found in the Staff List or in your welcome email.

Open and Close Shifts

Open and close shifts to maintain accurate reporting and to balance the cash drawer each day.

Open a Shift

To start your day, open your shift to add your starting cash to the drawer.

  1. Enter your 4-digit manager code and tap 'Sign In'.

    If you downloaded and activated the ShopKeep Register app during account setup, skip steps 2 – 3 as a shift will automatically be opened for $0.00 when signing in the first time.
    Having trouble signing in? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

  2. On the Control Panel, tap 'Open Shift'.
  3. Enter the opening cash amount and tap 'Open Shift'.

    This is the amount of cash in the drawer before making any sales.

Close a Shift

When your business closes each day, close the shift in ShopKeep to end your day. After closing, you can view totals for the shift on the Z report.

  1. Sign into the register as a manager.

    Having trouble signing in? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

  2. Open the Control Panel and tap 'Close Shift'.
  3. Enter the total cash in the drawer and tap 'Close Shift'.

Run Sales and Process Returns

With BackOffice set up and the register app downloaded, you are ready to run sales. Follow the quick guide below to learn how to run sales and process returns.

Run a Sale

Without any frills, here’s how to run a basic sale at the register.

  1. Tap a button, search by item name, SKU, or UPC, or scan an item to add it to the sale.
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  2. Choose a payment tender.

    For this example, we are using ‘Cash’.

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  3. Enter the amount from the customer, and tap 'Calculate Change'.

    Tender buttons below ‘Calculate Change’ update dynamically based on the total transaction amount if it is over $20. For example, a total of 28.23 will have the buttons 29.00, 30.00, and 40.00.

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  4. Give change if necessary, then select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’ or tap 'No Receipt'.

Process a Return

Take back sold items from customers at the register by running a return.

  1. Tap History / Returns on the Control Panel.
  2. Tap the 3 dot menu on your selected transaction, then 'Begin Return'.

    Search by transaction number, last 4 digits of the credit card used, customer name, or by scanning the barcode on a receipt.

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  3. Select the item(s) to return.

    The highlighted items will be returned. Tap ‘Select all’ to return all items.

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  4. Choose a tender to return to the customer.

    The original sale tender is highlighted in red. Sales can only be returned to Credit if originally paid by credit. Credit card returns automatically refund to the card used in the original sale.

  5. Select a receipt option and tap ‘Done’ or tap 'No Receipt'.

If you have problems using the register, visit one of our troubleshooting guides for help. For general questions about using the register, check out our iPad Register FAQ.


In addition to the Dashboard that you see when logging into BackOffice, here are a few of the most useful reports that ShopKeep offers.

If you have questions about reporting, check out the Reporting FAQ.

Transactions Report

The Transactions Report shows every sale and return from a specified date range. Filter and sort the table, download customer receipts, and export records to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary email recaps the previous day of sales activity and is automatically sent to the Business Owner each morning.

If you run into reporting issues, visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help. To learn about additional BackOffice reports not mentioned above, visit our BackOffice support page.

How to Upgrade

If you reach a feature that requires a paid subscription, follow the steps below to upgrade from within BackOffice. With a paid subscription, you can add more registers, employees, and locations to your account.

  1. Click 'Upgrade' on the pop-up window.
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  2. Enter billing contact and business address information.
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  3. Enter credit card details, then click 'Submit'.
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Your account upgrade is complete! Click below to learn about features available for upgraded accounts:

  • Multiple Locations
  • Add Employees
  • Add Registers

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