Register Button Layout

The register button layout is the grouping of register buttons that cashiers tap to ring up inventory items. Learn how to place items on the layout, move and remove buttons, add pages to the layout, and customize button color and text.

Watch our setup video below:

Register Button Layout

Table of Contents

Add Buttons

The drag and drop interface makes adding and arranging buttons on the layout quick and easy.

  1. In BackOffice, click 'Items' and select 'Register Button Layout'.
  2. Find an item by typing its name in the search box or scrolling through the list.

    Looking for an item with variants? Scroll to the bottom of the list.

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  3. (Optional) If you have multiple pages, click the name of the page you want to add the button to.
  4. Click an item on the list and drag it down onto the placement field.
  5. Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

If you have questions about adding buttons to the layout, visit our Setup FAQ for answers.

Move & Remove Buttons

Move buttons around the layout to change their position on the register. Remove buttons from the layout to remove them from the register.

Move a Button

  1. To move a button to a new position on the same page, click and drag the button on the layout.
  2. To move a button to a different page, follow the steps below.
    a Click and drag the button back up to the list at the top.
    b Select the page you want to add the button to.
    c Drag the item from the list down onto the placement field.
  3. Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

Remove a Button

  1. Click and drag a button back up to the list at the top to remove it from the layout.
  2. Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

Add & Name Pages

Create additional layout pages and give them names to further organize your items.

  1. In the top right, click the + to add a new page.

    Or, use the – to delete the current page.

  2. In the text field, enter a name for the new page.

    The name saves automatically once you navigate away from the text field.

  3. At the bottom, click and drag pages to change the order.
  4. Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

Button Customization

Change button colors or labels to further organize your layout or give it some extra flair.

  1. Click the gear in the corner of a placed button.
  2. (Optional) Select a new button color.
  3. (Optional) Enter new 'Button Text' to relabel the button.

    This appears ONLY on the register layout, NOT in BackOffice reporting, on kitchen tickets, or on receipts.

  4. Get Updates to sync changes to the register.

Update Register

After setting the button layout the way you would like, update the register to apply the changes.

  1. Sign into the register as a manager.
  2. Open a new shift or tap 'Get Updates' from the menu.
  3. The changes made in BackOffice are applied to the register.
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    Navigate the button layout by:

    • Swiping left and right on the layout to move between pages.
    • Scrolling through the button page tabs to find a page.
    • Tapping the grid icon to view an alphabetized index of pages, then selecting a page.
    • Tapping the icon next to the grid to hide or unhide the layout. This feature is available on the ShopKeep Register on The Mini / The Station and on the ShopKeep Register for iOS v2.42.0 and above. For help updating the app, visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

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