Receipt Setup

Set up receipts in BackOffice or at the register with the information you want customers to see, such as the name, logo, address, and contact details of your business. Additional settings allow you to print customer delivery information on paper receipts, add social media links to email receipts, and control how customers sign and tip for sales paid by credit or gift card. At the register, receipts can be printed to a connected receipt printer, emailed, or sent via text message (SMS) to a mobile phone number.

View samples of paper, text message, email receipts here.

Table of Contents

From BackOffice or the ShopKeep Register app, enter the business information that will appear on all receipts, and upload a business logo to appear in color on email receipts and, if enabled, in grayscale on printed and text message (SMS) receipts.

  1. Sign into BackOffice as an employee with the relevant permissions or the ShopKeep Register app as the Business Owner and open receipt settings.
    • In BackOffice, click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Receipts and Tips’.
      Don’t see ‘Receipts and Tips’? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
    iOS ShopKeep Register App

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    Android ShopKeep Register App

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  2. Select the 'Business Info' tab.
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  3. Fill in as much business information as desired to appear on receipts.

    To be able to set up Online Ordering, you must enter at least a store name, address, and phone number for the online menu. Information entered here also appears on invoices created in BackOffice.

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    Store Name | Business name as it will appear on receipt headers, BackOffice, the register sign in screen, printed barcode labels, and Clover devices.
    Address / City / State / ZIP / Country | Physical location of the business.
    Email | Email address customers use to contact the business.
    Phone | Phone number customers use to contact the business.
    Website | Have a website? Enter the URL here.

  4. (Optional) Upload a logo for receipts.
    • The uploaded logo will appear in color on email receipts and, if enabled, in grayscale on printed and text message receipts.
    • To learn how to enable the logo to appear on paper and text message receipts, see the section below. The uploaded logo will also be used for Online Ordering and Invoices.
    a Click ‘Choose Image’.
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    b Select an image file from your computer or register and click ‘Open’ or tap ‘Done’.
    • Logos must be in .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF format and cannot exceed 50kB in size.
    • If also printing the logo on paper receipts, we recommend following these tips to optimize the logo before uploading it.
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  5. Click ‘Save’ to save changes.

Paper Receipt Settings

Further customize paper and text message (SMS) receipts by adding extra text, customer delivery information, and a grayscale version of the business logo uploaded from the Business Info section.

  1. From receipt settings, click the 'Paper Receipt' tab.
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  2. Customize the paper receipt settings as desired.

    All settings except for ‘Show Logo on Printed Receipt’ also apply to text message receipts and the receipt image shown on email receipts.

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    Extra Text | Additional information that prints at the bottom of receipts.
    Customer Delivery Information | Where to print customer name and address information to help with deliveries: on kitchen tickets, sales printed before payment, or paper receipts. Learn how to add customers and tag them to sales here.
    Show Logo on Printed Receipt | Print the business logo in grayscale at the top of paper receipts. Before enabling this feature, you must upload a logo. To optimize the logo for printed receipts, we recommend the following tips.
    Show “Powered by ShopKeep” | Add “Powered by ShopKeep” to the bottom of receipts.

  3. Click ‘Save’ to save changes.

Email Receipt Settings

Customize email receipts with promotional messaging and social media links to help drive customer engagement with the business. After emailing some receipts, visit the Marketing Dashboard to see how often customers click these links.

View a breakdown of a finished email receipt here.

  1. From receipt settings, click the 'Email Receipt' tab.
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  2. Fill in as much of the ‘Messaging Above Receipt’ and ‘Messaging Below Receipt’ sections as desired.
    Messaging Above Receipt
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    Logo Link | Enter a website URL to send customers to when they click the business logo.
    Heading | Appears below the business logo at the top of email receipts.
    Message | Appears below the ‘Heading’.

    Messaging Below Receipt
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    None / Image / Text | Select a type of banner to add to email receipts. For ‘Image’, tap ‘Choose Image’ to upload an image file. Banner images must be in .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF format and cannot exceed 70kB in size. For ‘Text’, enter a message.
    Message Link | Enter a website URL to send customers to when they click the image or text banner.

  3. (Optional) Add social media links.
    a Visit a social media page for the business.
    Email receipts support links to Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email addresses.
    b Highlight the website URL in the address bar.
    c Right-click or tap the highlighted URL and select ‘Copy’.
    d In ShopKeep email receipt settings, right-click or tap a social media field and select ‘Paste’.
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    e Toggle the switch to make the link appear on email receipts.
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    f Repeat a – e in step 3 to add additional social media links.
  4. Click 'Save' to save changes.

Tips and Signature

Enable tip settings to allow customers to leave gratuity on sales paid with credit and gift cards, change how they tip (on screen or on paper receipt), and adjust the suggested tips shown to customers.

  1. From receipt settings, click the 'Tips and Signature' tab.
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  2. Customize the ‘Signature’ and ‘Tips’ settings as desired.
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    Signature | Set how customers sign for credit sales and leave tips (if enabled): on the screen of the register or on paper receipts.
    For sales paid with a gift card, tips must be entered on screen regardless of the ‘Signature’ selection.
    Accepting tips on paper receipts is not compatible with ShopKeep on iOS when using a Clover Go card reader.
    Tips | Toggle to enable or disable gratuity for sales paid with credit or gift cards.
    Show tip suggestions on paper receipts | Enable to display suggested tip amounts on paper receipts. This feature is only available when ‘Signature’ is set to ‘On paper’ and ‘Tips’ is enabled.
    Combine tip options and signature on the same screen | When ‘Signature’ is set to ‘On screen’ and ‘Tips’ is enabled, this controls whether customers sign and tip on the same screen or on separate screens. This feature is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS when EMV payments are disabled.
    Show the tip screen before or after inserting EMV cards | Control when customers are prompted to leave a tip during an EMV transaction: before or after inserting their card into the reader. This feature is only available to merchants using the iOS ShopKeep Register app with ‘Signature’ set to ‘On screen’, ‘Tips’ enabled, EMV payments enabled, and a compatible Ingenico card reader.
    Suggested Tip 1 / 2 / 3 | Show preset tip amounts ($) or percentages (%) on paper receipts or the register gratuity screen. This feature is only available when ‘Tips’ is enabled.

    Visit our Tips and Gratuity article to learn more about tipping and to see how it works at the register.
  3. Click 'Save' to save changes.

What's Next?

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