ShopKeep Register for Recreation & Entertainment

If you have not set up BackOffice yet, visit part 1: BackOffice Setup for Recreation & Entertainment.

From selling services to managing customers, this guide covers important register functions used to run a recreation or entertainment-based business, such as a dance studio or music school.

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Daily Register Functions

Performing sales, returns, and applying discounts are all basic register features used on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about running sales or returns, visit our iPad Register FAQ.

Sell Items, Services, and Deposits

Whether selling a product/service or collecting a deposit, the process at the register is the same. Follow along below to learn how to ring up and process a sale.

Watch our Run a Sale & Return video:

Run a Sale & Return
  1. Tap a button, search by item name, SKU, or UPC, or scan an item to add it to the sale.
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  2. (Optional) If an item is priced 'In Store', enter its price and tap 'Done'.
  3. Select a tender to complete the transaction.

    Tap ‘More…’ to reveal additional tender options.

Visit the complete Running Sales support article to learn other actions you can perform during a sale.

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Return a Deposit

A deposit is usually returned once a service is fulfilled. For deposits that count as partial payment, return the deposit and sell the service at full price when the balance is paid. The balance remaining after a partial deposit must be determined manually by looking up the customer’s sale history or individual transactions.

  1. Tap 'History / Returns' on the Control Panel.
  2. Search for the transaction or select it from the current shift history, then tap 'Begin Return' in the 3 dot menu

    Search the complete transaction history by receipt number (19 or 20 digits long), last 4 digits of the credit card used, or the customer’s contact information (name, phone number, email).

  3. Select the deposit item being returned.

    All items highlighted RED will be returned.

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  4. Choose a tender for the return.

    The original payment method is highlighted in RED.

  • For more on returns, such as how to do a manual return, check out the full Performing Returns article.
  • To see examples of how deposits are used at the register, visit our Liabilities and Redemptions article.
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    Apply Discounts

    Some businesses offer promotional pricing or discounts to entice new customers. Here’s how to apply a discount to a sale at the register.

    Check out our Discounts at the Register video:

    Discounts at the Register (Training Guide)
    1. Tap the discount button on the transaction or on a line item.
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    2. Select a discount to apply.

    Check out the full Discounts support article to learn how to manage discount settings.

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    Add Customers

    Add customers to the customer list to send email receipts and track their purchases. Add or tag a customer to a sale at any point during the transaction, anywhere you see ‘Select Customer’.

    1. Tap 'Select Customer' and search to make sure the customer does not already exist.

      Duplicate customer records cannot be merged together later. A warning prevents cashiers from adding duplicate customer email addresses.

    2. Tap 'Add Customer' to add the customer.
    3. Enter the new customer’s info and tap 'Done'.

      Provide at least a first/last name or email address.

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    To learn how to edit customers or view their purchase history, visit the full Manage Customers article.

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    Additional Features

    Here are a few additional features handpicked for recreation/entertainment-based businesses.

    Sell Gift Cards

    After ordering and setting up gift cards, issue them to customers right at the register.

    1. Ring up the 'Gift Card' item.
    2. Enter an amount to add to the gift card and tap 'Done'.
    3. Choose a tender to complete the transaction.
    4. When prompted, swipe the gift card to activate it.

    Wondering how to check a gift card’s balance? Visit our full Gift Cards article for the answer.

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    Always Print/Email Receipts

    Want receipts to print or email by default at the end of a sale? Switch on one of these options to make it automatic and save the cashier a step.

    1. Open ShopKeep iPad Settings.

      For the ShopKeep Register on The Mini or The Station, access these settings from the register menu.

    2. Toggle the switches under 'Receipts' to set your preference.

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    Mask Customer Information

    Masking customer information protects customer privacy by hiding part of customer names and email addresses when the register’s customer list is open.

    Note: This setting is only available on the ShopKeep Register for iOS.

    1. Open ShopKeep iPad Settings.
    2. Tap the switch next to 'Mask customer name and email' to turn it on.

    With this setting enabled, last names are hidden and email addresses are partially obscured.

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