iPad Register for Restaurants

If you have not set up your BackOffice yet, visit part 1: BackOffice Setup for Restaurants.

With BackOffice setup complete, your staff can use the register to serve customers. Start an order, manage your open checks, and close an order out when the customer is ready to pay.

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Begin an Order

Start an order by opening up a check. As the order progresses, void items if a customer changes their mind and apply discounts if needed.

If you have questions about ordering or checks, visit our iPad Register FAQ.

Open a Check

The Open Checks feature allows you to begin a check, save it, and return to it at a later time.

Watch our Open Checks video below:

Open Checks
  1. On the transaction screen, tap an item to add it to the order.
  2. (Optional) If an item has modifiers, make selections and tap 'Done'.
  3. (Optional) Tap the ticket notes field to add notes for the kitchen.
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  4. Tap 'Save', enter a name for the check, and tap 'Save' to confirm.

    A ticket automatically prints for items assigned to a ticket printer.
    If you misspell the name of the check, visit our Checks Screen Troubleshooting guide for help.

Visit the Open Checks support article to learn how reopen and add to a saved check.

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Item/Order Voids

Different than a return, void means canceling some of the items on a saved check or the check itself.

  1. Select 'Checks' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap a saved check to open it up.
  3. To void the order, tap 'Void' at the top. To void an item, swipe across from right to left and tap 'Void'.
  4. (Optional) Enter a manager code to authorize the void and tap 'Void'.

    By default, a manager must authorize a void. Learn how to change this in BackOffice.

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Apply Discounts

Add a discount to an item or the overall order to deduct a percentage or amount from a customer’s check.

Watch our Discounts at the Register video below:

Discounts at the Register (Training Guide)
  1. Tap the discount button for a line item or the overall sale.
  2. Tap to choose a discount.

    Open means the cashier enters the discount amount/percentage.

  3. (Optional) Enter a manager code and tap 'Verify' to authorize the discount.

Check out the full Named Discounts support article to see how discounts appear on receipts.

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Check Management

From splitting to merging, there are a few different ways servers can manage their open checks.

Watch our Check Management video below:

Check Management
  1. Select 'Checks' from the Control Panel.
  2. Tap 'All' or 'Mine' to filter which checks display.

Split Checks

Splitting a check allows you to separate a single check into multiple so that each customer can take ownership of what they ordered.

  1. Tap 'Select' and choose a check.
  2. Select 'Actions' and tap 'Split'.
  3. Tap items on the original to move them to the new check.

    Tap the + button to add an additional split into the mix.

  4. Tap 'Done' to complete the split.

Merge Checks

Merging combines multiple checks into a single one. Merge checks if you make a mistake while splitting or to combine customer orders.

  1. Tap 'Select' and choose multiple checks to merge.
  2. Select 'Actions' and tap 'Merge'.
  3. Enter a name for the new check and tap 'Save'.

Transfer Checks

Use this feature to change the employee who owns a particular check.

  1. Tap 'Select' and choose a check.
  2. Tap 'Actions' and select 'Transfer to...'
  3. Pick an employee to receive the check.
  4. Enter the receiving employee's code and tap 'Verify'.

Visit the Split, Merge, & Transfer Checks article to learn how to split a check more than two ways.

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Close an Order

Close out an order when a party is finished with their meal. Tip Later and Split Tender are two common workflows that restaurants use when accepting payment.

Tip Later

With Tip Later, the server delivers a credit card signature slip to the table and puts the check on hold until the customer signs. This option is only available when customers sign and tip on a paper receipt.

If you have any questions about leaving tips, visit our Advanced Topics FAQ.

  1. Tap 'Credit' to tender the sale and swipe/tap the customer's credit card.
  2. Select 'Adjust Tip Later' and save the check.
  3. After the customer signs the receipt, go to the Checks screen and tap the check.
  4. Enter the tip amount and tap 'Charge'.

For more on Tip Later, like how to change tip and signature settings, visit the Tip Later article.

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Split Tender

Split Tender allows you to split a check between multiple payment tenders, like part cash, part credit, etc.

Watch our Split Tenders video below:

Split Tenders
  1. On the transaction screen, tap 'More…' and choose 'Split Tender'.
  2. (Optional) Use the + and - buttons to adjust the number of payments.

    The payment amounts automatically split evenly by the number of payments.

  3. (Optional) Tap to change the tender type and amount of the payments.
  4. Tap 'Charge' to process each payment.
  5. Select 'Done' to finish the sale.

For more on Split Tenders, like how to void a payment, visit the Split Tenders support article.

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Pay Out Gratuity

It is a manager’s duty to pay out credit card gratuity to staff. Run a shift report to see how much each employee accrued during their shift and perform a payout to remove this money from the drawer.

Shift Reports

While staff can run their own shift report to see how much gratuity they earned, a manager can check any server’s total.

  1. Select 'Shift Report' on the Control Panel.
  2. Tap 'All Employees' and pick an employee to view their individual report.
  3. Tap 'Print X Report' or 'Print Z Report' to print the report to a connected receipt printer.

    If the shift report does not print, visit one of our Printer Troubleshooting guides for help.

Need to reprint a shift report from a previous date? Visit the X and Z Reports support article.

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Gratuity Payouts

Perform a payout to record whenever you remove money from the till to pay employee tips. This balances the drawer so there is no cash variance when you close the shift.

If you have questions about gratuity payouts, visit our Advanced Topics FAQ.

  1. Tap 'Pay In / Payout' on the Control Panel.
  2. Select 'Non-Cash Gratuity'.
  3. Enter the amount to pay out and tap 'Continue'.

    This screen displays the total gratuity collected by all employees.

  4. Enter a comment (optional), tap 'Done', and remove the amount from the drawer.

Check out the Pay Ins and Payouts support article to learn about the other types of payouts.

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