Items with Variants Troubleshooting

This guide focuses on solving common issues associated with creating and selling items with variants.

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I do not see an item I created on the register.

If an item and all of its variants are missing from the register, chances are the item itself is inactive.

  1. On the register, search for the item by its name or by a variant's SKU or UPC.
    • If the item appears, consider adding it to the button layout to make it easier to find in the future.
    • If neither the item nor its variants appear, continue with the additional steps below.
  2. In BackOffice, edit the item and check the 'Active' box under 'Register Status'.
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  3. Click 'Save'.
  4. On the register, tap 'Get Updates' to sync with BackOffice.

I cannot ring up a variant at the register.

When some of an item’s variants cannot be selected, it means those particular variants are inactive.

  1. In BackOffice, edit the item and check the box next to each variant that should be active.
  2. Click 'Save'.
  3. At the register, tap 'Get Updates' to sync with BackOffice.

"UPC already used"

This error appears if you try to add a UPC to a variant and that UPC is already assigned to a basic item.

There are two ways to resolve this error:

  1. Remove the UPC from the basic item it is assigned to, then enter the UPC for the variant item.

    Visit our Bulk Management article to learn how to update UPC codes in bulk.

  2. Leave the UPC assigned to the basic item and print a new label for the variant item.

    Visit our ShopKeep Label Printing article to learn how to print barcode labels.

How do I re-add a variant deleted via Bulk Management?

We recommend only deleting variants you do not plan to sell in the future. If you must re-add a deleted variant to an existing item, follow the steps below to do so.

Before re-adding a variant, note the following:

  • To re-add a deleted variant, you may need to temporarily delete some of the item’s other variants.
  • Labels printed for variants before their deletion will not scan at the register. New labels will need to be printed.
  • Quantity on hand, cost, UPC, and reorder trigger must be manually re-entered for all deleted variants.
    1. Select the item with variants from the Item List.
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    2. Remove an option value belonging to the variant to be re-added.

      In this example, the Blue – Small variant is being re-added, so we remove either the Blue or Small option value. This deletes all variants associated with that option value.

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    3. Re-enter the option value removed in step 2.

      This re-adds all variants containing that option value.

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    4. Set up each variant added in step 3.
      a Enter each variant’s price.
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      b (Optional) Enter ‘Quantity’, ‘Cost’, ‘UPC’, and/or ‘Reorder Trigger’.
    5. Click ‘Save’.
    6. Reprint labels for variants edited in step 4.

      Labels printed before re-adding these variants will not scan at the register.

    I cannot find an item with variants on the button layout setup page.

    Items with variants are kept separate from basic items on the button layout page, so make sure to look for them in the right place.

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the item list or use the search function to find the item.

    Visit our Items with Variants in BackOffice article to see how these items appear in other areas.

    I made an item inactive, but it's still on the button layout.

    Inactive items automatically disappear from the register after you Get Updates, but they are not removed from the BackOffice button layout. Follow these steps to completely remove a button from the layout.

    1. In BackOffice, click 'Items' and select 'Register Button Layout'.
    2. Click and drag the item's button back to the list at the top.

    3. At the register, tap 'Get Updates' to sync with BackOffice.

    I do not see the cost or price for variants on the Item List.

    Cost, price, margin, and markup are all hidden from the Item List by default for items with variants.

    1. Click the icon next to the item name to view details for its variants.

      Instead of an icon, some users may see an arrow that, when clicked, shows active variants in an expanded row.

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      An overlay with the ‘Name’, ‘Cost’, ‘Price’, ‘Margin’, ‘Markup’, ‘Quantity’ and ‘Total Value’ of each active variant appears. Click any header with arrows to sort the table.

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    Visit our Items with Variants in BackOffice article to see how these items appear in other areas.

    I do not see the Bulk Management option to create items in all linked locations.

    This Bulk Management feature is only available for accounts with multiple linked locations and is only visible to the Business Owner.

    1. Make sure you followed the steps to link your stores.
    2. Check if you are logged in as the Business Owner.

      The upper right corner displays the email used to log in. The Business Owner login is either the email originally used to create the store or the email logged in when stores were linked.

    There were errors with my Bulk Management job.

    Visit our Items Troubleshooting guide for help sorting out issues related to Bulk Management.

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