• This legacy feature will only be available until October 21, 2020 for existing merchants. After that date, it will be removed and will no longer be functional.
  • If currently using legacy online ordering, learn how to transition to ShopKeep eCommerce online ordering here.
  • If not using online ordering, set up ShopKeep eCommerce, then enable eCommerce online ordering.
  • Online Ordering Troubleshooting

    Here we’ll take a look at some issues you might encounter while using our Online Ordering feature. Check out our Online Ordering Setup article if you need help setting up Online Ordering.

    Having issues with the ShopKeep eCommerce online ordering feature? Visit our ShopKeep eCommerce Troubleshooting guide for help.

    Table of Contents

    I do no see 'Online Ordering' in BackOffice.

    The Online Ordering settings in BackOffice is visible only to by the Business Owner or employees with the relevant permissions. Learn below how to make sure you can access Online Ordering.

    1. Sign in to BackOffice as the Business Owner or as an employee with 'Manage Account' and 'Manage Online Ordering' permissions.

      Click ‘Marketing’ to see ‘Online Ordering’.

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    2. If necessary, grant permissions to employees to allow Online Ordering access.

      Permissions can be granted by the Business Owner or by an employee with ‘Manage Staff’ and ‘Manage Online Ordering’ permissions. Check out our Manage Staff article to learn how to grant permissions.

    Nothing happens when I click 'Turn On Online Ordering' during setup in BackOffice.

    When setting up Online Ordering for the first time, at least one register must be activated and relevant business information must be entered in receipt settings. Follow the steps below to proceed with setup.

    1. If you see an error message, follow the steps to proceed with setup.
      • “Online Ordering requires your business details to show on your online menu. Add your business name, address, and phone number Receipt and Tips settings.”
      a Click the link provided and enter the required information.
      Learn more about Receipt and Tips settings here.
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      • “At least one active register is required for online ordering.”
      a Activate a register. Learn how to add a register here.
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    2. Follow our Online Ordering guide to continue the setup process.

    My store name is incorrect on the Online Ordering menu.

    The store name displayed on the Online Ordering Menu is the same as the store name on receipts. Learn below how to update the store name on receipts to update your online ordering menu store name.

    1. Sign into BackOffice or the ShopKeep Register app as the Business Owner to access receipt settings. Employees with relevant permissions can also access these settings from BackOffice.
      • In BackOffice, click ‘Settings’ and select ‘Receipts and Tips’.
        Don’t see ‘Receipts and Tips’? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
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      • In the ShopKeep Register app, tap ‘Receipt and Tip Settings’ on the Main Menu.
        Don’t see ‘Receipt and Tip Settings’? Visit our troubleshooting guide for help.
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    2. In the 'Business Info' tab, update the store name to what you want displayed on your online menu.
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    3. Click 'Save' to finish.

    Typically if your customers cannot access your online menu via the link or it provides an error the link itself is wrong. Check the Online Ordering link in BackOffice, and compare it to anywhere you advertise Online Ordering.

    1. In BackOffice, click 'Marketing', then select 'Online Ordering'.
    2. Check the order link, and make sure it is correct across any platform where the link is provided to customers.
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    An item is missing from my menu.

    Online Ordering only supports basic items with or without modifiers. Check in BackOffice to make sure the item is a basic item, and if it is a basic item, make sure it has been enabled for the online menu.

    1. Make sure the item is not an Item with variants, a unit priced item, or an open priced item.
      a In BackOffice, click ‘Items’, and select ‘Item List’.
      b Search for and select the item missing from the online menu.
      Can’t find the item? Follow these steps to create a new basic item.
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      If you see an arrow, the item has variants, and is not compatible with Online Ordering. Follow these steps to create a new basic item.
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      c Scroll down to the ‘Pricing’ section, and make sure that ‘Fixed’ is selected under ‘Price Type’.
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      d Select a save option to finish.
    2. Make sure the item is enabled in the Online Ordering menu. Learn how to enable menu items here.

    Tickets are not printing at the kitchen printer when an order is placed.

    For tickets to print when an order is placed, a kitchen printer must be set up, and assigned to the register taking online orders. If tickets are not printing when an order is placed, follow the steps below for help.
    Not using a ticket printer? A chit will print from the receipt printer assigned to the register instead.

    1. Make sure your ticket printer is properly set up.

      Visit the set up page for your kitchen printer.

    2. Still having issues? Check out our Ticket Printer Troubleshooting article for further help.

    An order was placed, but I did not receive it.

    Online orders can only be received if the ShopKeep register app is open on the iPad and online ordering is not paused. Register Managers can pause or reenable Online Ordering from the Main Menu. Also, your iPad should not be put to sleep during hours that you receive online orders.

    No staff need to be signed into the register to receive orders.

    1. Open the ShopKeep register app on the iPad that has been assigned to receive orders.

      Recent Online Orders that were placed while the app was closed will appear in ‘Saved Sales’.

    2. Sign into the register assigned to receive Online Orders as a Register Manager, and check 'Online Orders' in the Main Menu.

      If you see ‘Online Orders – Paused’, you are not receiving orders. Tap to reenable.

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    3. Make sure auto-lock is disabled on your iPad. Follow these steps to learn how.

    Orders are being received at the wrong register.

    When setting up Online Ordering in BackOffice, an active register is selected to receive orders placed on the online menu. If orders are being received by a different register than expected, check which register is currently selected BackOffice, then adjust if necessary.

    1. Sign in to BackOffice as the Business Owner or as an employee with 'Manage Account' and 'Manage Online Ordering' permissions.
    2. Click 'Marketing', then select 'Online Ordering'.
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    3. Select the register at which you would like to receive online orders from the ‘Send Orders To’ drop-down.

      Check the Register Name on the Diagnostics Screen.

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    4. Click ‘Save’.

    Items on the Online Menu display in the wrong order, how can I move them?

    Departments are listed alphabetically on the online ordering menu with items listed alphabetically within each department. Create a new department to assign items to, and/or change an items’ assigned department to adjust where items display on the menu.

    1. If a relevant department doesn’t already exist, create a new item to add a new department by following these steps.
    2. Learn how to change which department an item is assigned to by following these steps.