Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting

This guide will help you resolve issues you might encounter with your Socket barcode scanner. First time using the scanner? Visit our Barcode Scanner Setup article.

Table of Contents

Connection & Pairing Issues

This section covers connection issues that might appear after you’ve connected the scanner.

My Settings say the scanner is “Not Connected.”

Make sure the scanner is powered on and near the iPad, then follow the steps below.

  1. On the iPad, open Settings and tap 'Bluetooth'.
  2. Press the Bluetooth info icon ('i') next to the Socket CHS device.
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  3. Tap 'Forget This Device'. Then, 'OK'.
  4. Power the scanner OFF and then back ON to get the device to reappear in your Bluetooth Settings.
  5. Tap 'Socket CHS' in your Bluetooth settings to reconnect the scanner.

I can't pair my scanner with another iPad.

Scanners only connect to one device at a time. Reset it to its factory settings to pair with another iPad.

  1. Hold the large scan button until the laser disappears.
  2. While continuing to hold the scan button, tap the small power button once.
  3. Keep holding the scan button until you hear the scanner beep.
  4. Release the scan button. The scanner will beep 5 times and turn off.
  5. Power the scanner back on and pair it with your iPad.
    You can also scan the Factory Reset barcode from the owner’s manual.
    View the barcodes here:

I still can't connect my scanner.

If you are still having trouble connecting your barcode scanner, download the Socket Mobile Companion app or contact Socket Mobile Support for additional troubleshooting help.

Scanning Issues

Having problems with the scanner after you’ve connected it? We’ve got you covered.

Items don't appear on the iPad when I scan them.

Check to see if your scanner is actually paired with the iPad and communicating with ShopKeep from inside the register app.

  1. Open ShopKeep, and visit the Transactions screen.
  2. Tap the item search field in the top right and scan a barcode.
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  3. If no numbers appear in the search field, reconnect the scanner to the iPad.
  4. If numbers do appear in the search field, tap 'Get Updates' and try again.

    If you don’t see ‘Get Updates’ on the Control Panel, it’s because you’re not logged in as a manager. Have a manager log in to the app.

I added new items and they don't appear when I scan them.

If you entered a UPC for the item in BackOffice, check that you entered it correctly. Then, tap Get Updates from the register Control Panel to sync with your BackOffice and try again.

If the problem persists, use the steps above to check if the scanner is talking to the iPad.

The iPad keyboard isn’t coming up anymore.

Quickly double-tap the small power button on top of the scanner to open and close the iPad’s keyboard. Or, put the scanner in iOS Mode and the keyboard will pop up automatically when needed.

Miscellaneous Issues

I'm having issues with my charging cradle or QX stand.

Not to worry, just visit one of the guides below for help:

  • Charging Cradle Troubleshooting
  • QX Stand Troubleshooting
  • I lost my scanner’s charging cable.

    Visit the ShopKeep online store to order a replacement charging cable.

    I need to factory reset my scanner or change its connection mode.

    First, remove the scanner’s battery cover to locate its model number and determine which set of barcodes you need. The command barcodes need to be printed and cannot be scanned from a screen.

    If changing the scanner’s mode, forget the device on your iPad, scan the barcode, and reconnect it.

    View barcodes here:

  • 7Mi/7Ci 1D Scanner
  • 7Qi 2D Scanner
  • The scanner has a number of indicator lights and beeps to indicate powering off and on, if it’s connected to a computer, or if it’s successfully scanning a barcode, among other things. Follow the quick guide below to translate indicator lights and beeps.

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