Troubleshooting: ShopKeep BackOffice

If you run into any issues with reporting, billing, or inventory, check out the troubleshooting guides for each ShopKeep BackOffice topic.

Table of Contents

Login / Access / Billing

Whether you are the account owner or an employee with BackOffice access, if you are having issues we have solutions for you.


Trying to make sense of those settings? Let’s help you get things sorted!

Reporting / Analytics

If you’re having trouble making sense of BackOffice analytics, this is your go-to!

Items / Inventory

Having problems with your BackOffice inventory items? Look no further, we’re here to help.

Items with Variants

Having problems with items that have variants? You’re in the right place.

Marketing / Customers

If you are having issues with customer management, we have solutions for you.


If you are having issues with staff setup and access, you’ve come to the right place!