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ShopKeep Register


Born out of frustration with the traditional cash register business, ShopKeep’s #1-rated point of sale system is designed to replace complicated payment solutions with a tool that’s both simple, and powerful.

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App Store Rating of ShopKeep Trustpilot Rating of ShopKeep Better Business Bureau Rating of ShopKeep
App Store Rating of ShopKeep Trustpilot Rating of ShopKeep Better Business Bureau Rating of ShopKeep

Grow your business. Save time and money.

ShopKeep’s complete POS system has everything you need to run your business better. Ring up sales, simplify inventory management, train employees faster, and lock in the guaranteed lowest integrated processing rate.

Built So That 'The Struggle' Doesn't Have to Be a Part of Your Story.

Running a small business is challenging enough, why add to the complexity?
POS Tablet

The ShopKeep Register

Our sleek, intuitive register requires little-to-no training time. Even a 9-year-old can do it!

I knew I made the right decision when I showed my 9-year-old daughter...she just watched me using it once and said 'That's great.' She's been helping out after school and speeding through long lines without a problem!

Ron, Glenburn Soda Fountain

Pocket App

ShopKeep Pocket ™ App

Designed to give merchants the freedom to manage their business on-the-go, wherever you go.

One of my favorite features is the ShopKeep Pocket app. I'm a mom, being able to see what's going on in the store when I'm at home or on-the-go is extremely helpful.

Courtney, Curtsy

BackOffice Laptop

ShopKeep BackOffice

Designed to keep you productive, not busy. ShopKeep automates reporting, accounting, and inventory management.

We get calls from other companies regularly and just tell them they're wasting their time... The BackOffice software works well for our parts and sales inventory. The price is quite reasonable and most of all, we're paid fast.

John, Computer Thyme

We Put Our Money Where Our Heart Is...

We Put Our Money Where Our Heart Is...

  • Simple-to-Use and Powerful is Our Secret Sauce

    A business owner founded ShopKeep, so we know that simplicity is the key to efficiency. Our intuitive, powerful, and affordable POS eliminates the need for expensive, complicated point of sale systems. That's why we're the #1-rated iPad POS, trusted by over 25,000 small business owners.

  • Your Business Never Sleeps, So Why Should We?

    Running a business isn't a '9-5', it's an 'open your eyes until you close your eyes' scenario. That's why our support team is always here to lend a helping hand by phone, chat, or text, 24/7. Can't say the same for the other guys.

  • As Dedicated to Your Success as You Are

    Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, so we don't just aim to support your business, we exist to support your dreams. That's why we offer you a dedicated ShopKeep Expert, to assist with setup and help you get the most out of your point of sale.

  • You're One-of-a-Kind, Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Your small business is unique, so why settle for uniform processing that costs you more as you grow? We provide the lowest payment processing rates based on your specific business needs. That means you keep more of your hard-earned money.

#1 Rated With the Track Record to Prove It

As a business owner, you're taking chances every day. Your POS shouldn't have to be one of them.

  • High Five

    Over 25,000 businesses
    use ShopKeep

    That's more storefronts than Starbucks™ has around the world.

  • Money Transactions

    289+ million sales transactions processed annually

    That's 1 sales transaction every 9 seconds.

  • Award Winning

    Award-winning Customer Care
    5 Years In a Row

    Five successful years is no fluke. It's a habit.


    One of our experts will help you find a plan that’s perfect for your business.