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Every hourly employee has forgotten to clock in or clock out at some point, or maybe even forgotten what state they are in or tried to clock in while the register was offline. These kinds of┬ásituations wreak havoc with managers and owners trying to reconcile hours for their employees, so in this version of the register, we’re offering solutions to provide you with a more accurate assessment of employee hours via Time Clock.

Validated clock punches ensure that your employees can no longer clock in when they have already done so or before clocking out of a current open shift. Similarly, employees can’t clock out if they haven’t yet clocked in! Lastly, if an employee tries to clock in or out and your register is offline, a notification will tell them that their action was not recorded and allow them to print out a paper chit to show the time at which they attempted to clock in or out.

If you are using Time Clock already, we’re confident you will appreciate this update and if you’re not, there’s never been a better time to start!