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Promote your business with better-targeted campaigns and pay just 1.95% processing on all LevelUp transactions.

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Why should you use LevelUp with ShopKeep?

Complete Business Management Solution

ShopKeep makes it easy for you to run your business better with a powerful point of sale system for processing sales in your store and a cloud-based BackOffice that you can use to accurately track sales data from anywhere, at any time.

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More Ways to Pay

Mobile payments are an important feature for modern POS systems, so using LevelUp with ShopKeep gives your customers flexibility, allowing them to pay without card or cash. Plus, LevelUp allows you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns to better promote your business.

Simple, Affordable Payment Processing

Every LevelUp transaction has a flat fee of just 1.95%. Better yet, you also have access to detailed analytics on everything that your customer has purchased at your store using LevelUp, meaning you can run more intelligent promotions than ever before.

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"Shopkeep is a great product and very capable of handling your POS system needs. The support people at Shopkeep are absolutely the BEST. Professional, helpful, and available. Cannot say enough good things about them. Look at the product and give it serious consideration. You will NOT be sorry."
Cougar Run Winery | ShopKeep Customer Testimonials
Deb, Cougar Run Winery

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