In the words of Fatboy Slim

We've come a long way, Baby.

Thanks to independent businesses like yours, ShopKeep has grown rapidly. We now help over 20,000 smarter businesses. It's become a movement, and here's how we did it:

Once upon a time…

In Brooklyn


ShopKeep is born. After yet another POS malfunction grinds our founder’s business to a halt for the day, he decides to kick it to the curb. He builds a modern intuitive, cloud-based Point of Sale.


Apple releases the iPad. ShopKeep instantly has the perfect platform. See ya later, Desktop.


Our First Customers!

Joe at The Art of Coffee decided he too was tired of being held hostage by his archaic Point of Sale.


Ready, set GO!… ShopKeep launched in the App Store. The battle to take back Main Street was underway. Independent stores began to realize they now had a choice with their POS.

February, 2013

Our amazing customer care team starts to get recognition: ShopKeep wins the Stevie Bronze Award.

March, 2013

Counter Culture was launched, a hub of free and helpful advice for growing businesses.

April, 2013

Moving on up… Our rapidly growing team relocated to a shiny new office in SoHo.

June, 2013

And we didn't stop growing! ShopKeep hits 100 employees.

February, 2014

We win the Stevie Gold Award for providing the best customer care.

We open a second office in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

May, 2014

Call us sticklers for perfection: ShopKeep 2.0 is launched!

July, 2014

We launched our brand-spanking new logo. The much-loved ‘ShopKeep man’ retires, and moves to Florida with his wife and their 3 baby logos.

August, 2014

Bi-coastal, baby! ShopKeep opens in Portland, Oregon. Our customer care team can now operate 24/7.

Wicked smarts. We launched Point of Sale University, our free, thorough, and easy-to-understand crash course on all things POS.

December, 2014

We hit 10,000 customers! Word of ShopKeep is spreading like wildfire, as we also reach 200 employees! Maybe it's time for a bigger office?

December, 2014

Apple Pay Ever After. ShopKeep starts shipping Apple Pay readers, keeping our community at the cutting edge of technology.

March, 2015

Making great process: ShopKeep Payments is born. Merchants can now use an all-in-one payment processing solution customized to their business (if they want).

July, 2015

ShopKeep raises $60m in funding. So many people truly believe in our fight for independent business. Thanks a million! (x60)

September, 2015

We hit 20,000 customers. That’s more than a sold-out Madison Square Garden! Billy Joel concert, anyone?

Wow, what a journey

We've grown ShopKeep around an awesome product, an award-winning customer care team, and people like YOU. Amazing independent ShopKeep businesses just like yours now stretch through every US State, Canada… and Guam.