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Accept credit cards with PayPal on ShopKeep and get 2.7% processing on every swipe.

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Why should you use PayPal with ShopKeep?

Complete Business Management Solution

ShopKeep makes it easy for you to run your business better with a powerful point of sale system for processing sales in your store and a cloud-based BackOffice that you can use to accurately track sales data from anywhere, at any time.

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More Ways to Pay

Mobile payments are an important feature for modern POS systems, so using PayPal with ShopKeep gives your customers flexibility, allowing them to pay without card or cash. Plus, your store gets listed in the Shop tab of the PayPal mobile app!

Always Great Swiping Rates

Credit card processing with PayPal is only 2.7% per swipe for all your transactions. This is a great way to add reliable and secure credit card processing to your small business!

See why The Bean loves working with PayPal and ShopKeep

"Working with PayPal has been a great addition to our relationship with ShopKeep! We get attractive processing rates, their app brings new customers through the door, and we get to be flexible and cutting-edge about accepting alternative payment types."
Ike at The Bean Coffee Shop, ShopKeep POS Case Study
Ike, The Bean

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