Manage Tax Settings

Whether you use just one or multiple rates, manage your tax settings so you collect the right amount at the register.

Table of Contents

Enter Tax Rate

Locate the Tax Settings section in BackOffice and set your default sales tax rate.

  1. Select 'Settings', then 'Taxes'.
  2. Click the default tax group.

    In this case, Sales Tax is selected as the default.

  3. Enter your rate and click 'Update'.

    Items are taxed at this percentage unless you assign them to another group.

Managing Tax Groups

Manage additional tax groups for items that require a rate different from the default.

Add Tax Groups

Set up a separate tax group for each rate you charge.

  1. Select 'Add Tax'.
  2. Enter a name and rate, then 'Save'.
  3. Assign items that require this rate to the group.

Edit a Tax Group

Easily modify the tax rate for an entire collection of items at once.

  1. Select an existing tax group.
  2. Enter a new rate and/or name, then click 'Update'.
  3. 'Get Updates' on each register for the changes to take effect.

Change the Default Group

Switch which tax group ShopKeep considers to be your default.

  1. Click the 'Default Tax' dropdown.
  2. Select a group, then click 'Update' to save.
  3. 'Get Updates' on each register for the change to take effect.

Assigning Items to Tax Groups

Choose which items use the tax groups you created.

From the Items List

Update your items one by one through the Items List.

  1. Choose 'Items', then 'Items List'.
  2. Search for and click on an item.
  3. Click the 'Tax' dropdown and select a group.
  4. Click 'OK' to save.
  5. 'Get Updates' on each register for the change to take effect.

Using Bulk Management

Use Bulk Management to update many items at once with a spreadsheet.

  1. Export your stock items.
  2. Open the stock item export spreadsheet.
  3. Type the group name and/or rate in column T (Tax Group).

    Enter just the name for groups with unique names. Use [tax group name] @ [tax rate] for groups that share a name, but have a different rate. Leave blank to assign to the default tax rate. A tax group’s rate overrides the default.

  4. Save or export the file as .CSV when finished.
  5. Modify your inventory with Bulk Management.
  6. Get Updates on each register for the changes to take effect.