Auto Signout

Auto Signout signs out whomever is using the register after a set amount of time or after every transaction. Follow the steps below to enable this feature.

Table of Contents

Transaction Auto Signout

Set your register to automatically sign out after every transaction.

Transaction Auto Signout requires ShopKeep version 2.6.7 or higher. Click here if you need help updating the app.

1 In BackOffice, click Settings. Then, General.


2 Check the Auto Signout check box. Click Save.


3 Get Updates on your register to apply the changes.

Timed Auto Signout iPad Setup

Set your register to automatically sign out after a period of time has passed.

1 On your iPad home screen, open the Settings app.


2 Scroll down the menu on the left side and tap ShopKeep.


3 Tap the switch next to Auto Sign Out User to toggle it on.

4 Press Auto Sign Out After and choose how long before the user is signed out.