Split Tender Transactions

If a customer wants to pay with multiple tenders, or a check needs to be split multiple ways – no problem. Split Tender allows a sale to be split up to 9 ways with Cash, Credit, or Other tender types.

View our Split Tenders video below.

Table of Contents

Starting a Split Tender Sale

Split Tenders work alongside your usual tenders. When you go to ring up a sale, just choose the Split Tenders to begin.

1 Ring up the Sale as normal.


2 Choose More…


3 Select Split Tender.


How to Use Split Tenders

Let’s take this example of a check for $16.96 being split 3 ways.

1 Tap + or to select how many payments to split.

Select as many as 9 payments on a single sale.


2 Tap to select each payment’s tender.

Shopkeep Split Tender Transaction Select Tender Screen

3 Enter amount due for the payment.

Shopkeep Split Tender Transaction Change Payment Amount Due Screen

4 Charge the payment type.


5 Choose a receipt option and tap Done

Shopkeep Split Tender Transaction Amount Due Screen

6 Charge the remaining payments same as above, then press Done to complete the sale.

Shopkeep Split Tender Transaction Complete remaining Payments

Void a Split Tender Payment

Before going back to change or cancel the original sale, you must void any already-paid charges.


1 Swipe left over the payment.


2 Tap Void to undo the charge.

Shopkeep Split Tender Void Button for Payment

This will void that payment and allow you to return to the sale ticket if all payments are voided.

Returning Split Tender Transactions

After a split sale has been completed, a customer may want to return their purchase. With credit, you can return to the card only as much as as was originally purchased on it. Otherwise,  return cash or other tenders however you like.

1 Begin a return for a split tender sale from the current shift or a previous shift.

2 Tap More… and Split Tender.

Or, select a tender like Cash to refund the entire balance to.


3 (optional) Use the + and – buttons to change the number of splits.

4 Confirm the return tenders and amounts.

Or, tap the tenders/amounts to change them.


5 Tap Return next to each tender.


6 After returning all tenders, tap Done.


7 Select Print or Email Receipt (optional) and tap Done.