iPad Register FAQ

Use this guide to view questions and answers related to the ShopKeep register app.

Table of Contents

Login and Access

How do I log into the ShopKeep register app?

Log into the register using your code assigned in BackOffice.

How do I clock in/out for shifts?

Clock in and out by entering your register code assigned in BackOffice.

Register Functions

How do I activate my register?

Activate your register by downloading the ShopKeep register app from the App Store and following the on screen prompts.

Can I sell and redeem gift cards at the register?

Yes! Gift cards can be sold and redeemed at the register. Just contact us to setup an account.

Can items be exchanged?

If a customer would like to exchange items, it must be done in two separate transactions. First Return the original item, then sell the new item.

How can I return items?

Returns are processed several ways, click here to learn the different ways.

What does the Discard button do?

The Discard button deletes the transaction.

Can a customer pay with two different cards or half cash, half credit, etc.?

Yes, tenders can be split at the register, up to 9 different ways.

Can I add a tip to a transaction at a later time?

Yes! The tip later feature allows you to save the tab and add the tip later.

How can I see the amount of tips collected over my shift?

Employees can see the amount of gratuity collected on credit card transactions on the shift report from the control panel.

How do I deactivate my register?

The shift must be closed and the register deactivated in BackOffice first, then visit the register control panel and tap Deactivate Register.

Can I discount items at the register?

Yes, items as well as entire sales may be discounted, using set, open priced and customized discounts.

Can receipts be reprinted at the register?

Yes, receipts can be reprinted for the current shift from the Control Panel. Older receipts must be reprinted from BackOffice.

How can I tell if my printer and/or card reader is connected to the iPad?

Visit Hardware Setup on the control panel to see the list of connected devices. Also visit our Troubleshooting Guide for more assistance.

Can I accept personal checks at the register?

Yes, enable the checks tender in BackOffice, then select that tender during the transaction.

Where do modifiers appear on the transaction screen?

When an item is selected, it’s modifier options will appear on the button layout.

Can checks be renamed after they’re closed?

Checks cannot be renamed after they’re closed. To name an open check, tap Walk-in on the transaction screen.

Can I add notes to a sale?

Kitchen notes can be added to items that kitchen tickets are printed for.

Can I remove tax from a transaction?

Yes! Easily toggle taxes on and off from a transaction.

Can I enter credit card information manually?

Yes, credit card information can be entered manually.

Can I search for items?

Yes! Use the search field in the top right corner to search for your items.

Manager Functions

Can I add cash to the register in order to make change?

Yes, complete a pay in to keep track of cash added to the register.

What is a Z Report?

Z reports are quick, convenient ways to see register totals after the shift is closed. Print from the shift report and retrieve at the receipt printer. For register totals during a shift, print an X report.

How can I tell if my registers are connected to each other?

Tap Register List from the control panel to view connected peers.

Can I see a shift report for each employee?

Yes! Tap the All Employees dropdown menu to select an employee.

Checks Screen

Can I transfer checks between employees?

Yes, ownership of checks can be transferred, split and/or merged between employees.

Can I return automatically to the checks screen after transactions?

Yes. In BackOffice, set the home screen to default to the checks screen.