Offline Credit Payments for Clover Devices

Set up offline credit payments to run credit card transactions on Clover devices in cases of brief internet connection loss.

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Offline Payments Basics

Read the important information below to understand offline payments before setting up.

  • Only Clover devices using ShopKeep Payments can accept offline payments.
  • The device must be connected to a network, even if the device is not connected to the internet.
  • Credit cards can be declined after a transaction is accepted due to insufficient funds, the card has been cancelled, etc. If the offline credit payment is taken successfully, BackOffice will reflect as a positive sale, but if the transaction is later declined when attempted online, the payment will not be received.
  • Mitigate risk by making the settings of the transaction amount and the accepted total amount of offline payments as low as you are willing to risk not receiving.
  • Offline payments cannot be accepted after 7 consecutive days without an internet connection.
  • Enable Offline Payments

    Configure offline payment settings in BackOffice and on all Clover devices used at your business.

    BackOffice Configuration

    Turn on offline payments in a few easy steps from BackOffice.

    1. Click 'Settings', then 'General' from the menu.
    2. Read the details about offline payments. Check the boxes to enable.
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    3. Click 'Save'.
    4. If using the ‘Tip and signature on paper receipt’ gratuity setting, update the ShopKeep Register app on iOS to the latest version.

      Before v3.7.0, this setting was not supported for use with Offline Payments. Learn how to update here.

    5. Tap 'Get Updates' on the register.
    6. Follow the steps below to configure offline payments on the Clover device.

    Clover Device Configuration

    Now that the BackOffice settings are enabled, make sure that the offline payment settings are set on the Clover device.

    If you are using more than one Clover device, these settings must be applied on each device.

    1. Tap 'Setup' on the home screen of the Clover device.
    2. Tap 'Payments' and scroll down to tap 'Offline payments'.
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    3. Tap 'Allow offline payments on demand'.
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    4. Customize limitations for accepting offline payments.

      Mitigate risk by making the settings of the transaction amount and the accepted total amount of offline payments as low as you are willing to risk not receiving.

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      Do not allow more than 7 consecutive days of offline payments | After 7 days without an internet connection, offline payments will no longer be accepted. This setting cannot be changed.
      Limit each offline payment amount to | The maximum amount that can be accepted per offline transaction. The default is $500.00, tap the icon to edit.
      Limit total offline payments to | The maximum amount of offline payments that can be accepted. The default is $5000.00, tap the icon to edit.
      Require merchant approval for each offline payment over | Not available using ShopKeep.

    5. Tap 'Save'.
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    6. Tap 'Continue' to confirm that you accept the risks of taking offline payments.

    Your register is now ready to accept offline payments.

    Offline Transaction Status

    Monitor the status of payments made in offline mode from the Transactions app on the Clover device.

    1. Tap 'Transactions' on the home screen.

    Approved payments have a green check mark. Pending transactions have an ellipsis. Declined transactions have a red check mark.

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