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Activate a register to load your ShopKeep store onto the iPad. After ShopKeep is activated, sign in to the register open a shift and begin ringing sales.

Using ShopKeep on the Mini, built by Clover? Please view the setup article here.

Watch our Download and Activate video:

Download & Activate

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Activate ShopKeep

Activating the ShopKeep app links a register to your account. There are two different ways to activate: from the ShopKeep app or from BackOffice.

Using ShopKeep on the Mini, built by Clover? Please view the setup article here.

Before you can activate, you must download the ShopKeep app. Visit our Introduction to the iPad article for help downloading ShopKeep from the App Store.

From the ShopKeep App

Follow along to activate your register from within the ShopKeep app.

  1. Open ShopKeep and tap 'Activate Your Register'.
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  2. Enter your store name and manager code.
      Store Name: Your account name with no spaces or punctuation.
      Manager Code: The manager code is your personal 4-digit code and can be found in the staff list or in your welcome email.
  3. Tap 'Activate'.
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From BackOffice

Follow along to activate your register from BackOffice on the iPad.

  1. On the iPad, log in to BackOffice.
  2. Tap the Settings icon, then ‘Register Licenses’.
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  3. Select ‘Activate Your Register’.
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  4. Tap 'Got it? Let’s do this'.
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  5. Tap ‘Activate Your Register’, then ‘Open’.
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Sign In & Open Shift

After activating ShopKeep, sign in and open a shift to enable staff to start using the register.

  1. Enter the 4-digit manager code and tap 'Sign In'.
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    If you cannot sign in, visit our iPad Login/Access Troubleshooting guide for help.
  2. Enter your starting cash amount and tap 'Open Shift'.

    After the shift is opened, this amount cannot be changed.

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  3. Press 'Transaction' to start processing sales.

    Or, Sign Out to allow a different employee sign in.

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If you have questions about using the register, visit our iPad Register FAQ for help.

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