BackOffice Setup for Retail Businesses

After setting up BackOffice, check out part 2: iPad Register for Retail Businesses.

BackOffice is where you set up your business in ShopKeep. Add your staff to track their sales, add your items to sell them at the register, and print labels for items to ring them up with a barcode scanner. Explore other topics selected for retail businesses such as gift cards, receipt setup, customer management, and discounts.

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Add Staff

“Staff” is ShopKeep’s term for anyone who works in your store. It is important to add all of your employees to be able to track their sales and time clock punches and control who has access to what.

If you have questions about managing staff, visit our BackOffice FAQ.

Watch our Add Staff video below:

Add Staff
  1. Click 'Staff' and select 'Staff List'.
  2. Click 'Add Staff'.
  3. Enter at least a first name, last name, and register code, then click 'Save'.
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    Register Code | A 4-digit code that allows an employee to clock in and out of the register and perform cashier functions.
    Register Permission | Check the ‘Manager’ box to give access to manager functions at the register.
    BackOffice Permission | Select a level of BackOffice access to give to an employee. Visit our Manage Staff article to learn about the different types of BackOffice permissions.
    Don’t see ‘BackOffice Permission’? Visit our Staff Troubleshooting guide for help.

Check out our Manage Staff article to learn how to edit or remove existing employees.

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Add Items with Variants

Retail businesses often sell a single item in different sizes, colors, etc. Adding an item with variants makes it easy to enter all of a product’s variations at once.

If you have questions about adding or managing items, visit our Inventory FAQ.

Watch our Adding an Item with Variants video below:

Add Items with Variants
  1. Click 'Items' and select 'Item List'.
  2. Click 'Add New' in the top right.
  3. Select 'Create' under 'Item with Variants'.
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  4. Fill in the 'Item Description' section.
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    Name | What the item is called. Appears on receipts and BackOffice reporting.
    Department | General grouping used for organization and reporting.
    Category | A subgroup within a Department also used for organization and reporting.
    Register Status | If checked, cashiers can sell the item at the register. If unchecked, they cannot.
    Supplier | Who the business acquires the item from.
    Suppler’s Item ID | A reorder code, part number, etc. that the supplier associates with the item.

  5. Enter the item's first option and its values.

    Use a comma to end one option value and begin typing another.

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  6. (Optional) Click 'Add an option' to enter more options.
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  7. (Optional) Toggle the 'Track Inventory' switch to track variant cost and quantity.
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  8. Enter 'Price', 'Quantity', 'Cost', 'UPC', and 'Reorder Trigger' for each variant.

    Price | Amount the customer pays for the variant at the register.
    Quantity | How many of the variant are in stock.
    Cost | What the business pays to acquire the variant. Cost cannot be edited after saving the item.
    UPC | If the variant has a barcode, enter it here to be able to scan it at the register.
    Reorder Trigger | A low quantity number that prompts the variant to appear on the Reorder Report.

  9. Click 'Save'.

    Options cannot be added or edited after clicking ‘Save’. Option Values, however, can be.

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To learn about the parts we did not cover, visit the full Add an Item with Variants article.

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Label Printing

Print labels for each of your inventory items using ShopKeep Label Printing. Scan the label barcodes at the register to drastically speed up the checkout process.

Before getting started, don’t forget to unpack and set up the DYMO label printer!

  1. Click 'Items' and select 'Item List'.
  2. Search for and select an item with variants.

    Items with variants are identified by an icon or arrow next to the item name.

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  3. In the 'Item Variants' section, click the label printing link for an individual variant.

    If Track Inventory is on:
    Click the ‘Actions’ arrow & select ‘Print Label’.

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    If Track Inventory is off:
    Click ‘Print Label’ in the ‘Actions’ column.

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  4. Choose a 'Size', enter a 'Quantity', and click 'OK'.

    For Style, select from: Square (1 x 1), Rectangle (1 x 1.5), Large Rectangle (1.25 x 2.25), or Butterfly.

    Click to view a sample of all item with variants label styles

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Visit our ShopKeep Label Printing article to learn how to print labels for basic items.

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Receipt Setup

Paper receipts can be easily customized with your business location and contact information in BackOffice.

After setting up your paper receipt, check out this support article to customize your email receipt.

Watch our Receipt Settings video below:

Receipt Settings
  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Receipts and Tips'.
  2. Choose the Paper Receipt tab.
  3. Fill in as much 'Business Info' as desired.
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  4. Fill out 'Printer Settings' fields.
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    Tips and Signature | Enable/disable tipping and set how customers sign for credit card sales: on the register’s screen or on a paper receipt.
    Extra Text | Additional information that prints at the bottom of receipts.
    Customer Delivery | Where to print customer name and address info to help with deliveries.
    Show “Powered by ShopKeep” | Adds “Powered by ShopKeep” to the bottom of receipts.
    Show Logo on Printed Receipt | Prints the logo used for email receipts in grayscale at the top of paper receipts. Before enabling this feature, you must upload an email receipt logo. To optimize the logo for printed receipts, we recommend the following tips. Learn how to upload a logo here. This feature is available on the ShopKeep Register on The Mini and the Station and on the ShopKeep Register for iOS v3.1.0 and above. For help updating the app, visit our Introduction to the iPad article.

  5. Click 'Save'.

Visit our Paper Receipts article for more detailed information on customizing your paper receipt.

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ShopKeep Gift Cards

Getting ready to offer gift cards to your customers is a multi-part process. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through each step.

If you have questions about gift card ordering, processing, or setup, visit our Gift Card FAQ.

1. Purchase a Gift Card Kit

Visit our store to sign up for gift card processing and order gift cards.

2. Enable Gift Card Tender

When you issue a gift card, a customer will come back at some point to redeem it. Enable the ‘Gift Card’ tender type to prepare the register to accept gift cards.

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Tenders'.
  2. Under 'Redeemable', check the box for 'Gift Card'.

    Changes save automatically.

3. Create a Gift Card Item

Finally, let’s create an inventory item, just like you did before. This is the actual item cashiers will sell when they want to issue a gift card.

  1. Click 'Items' and select 'Item List'.
  2. Click 'Add New'.
  3. Select 'Create' under 'Basic Item'.
  4. Enter a 'Name': 'Gift Card'.
  5. Change 'Priced' to 'In Store'.
  6. Check the box next to 'Liability'.

    This automatically makes the item non-taxable.

  7. From the 'Tender' dropdown, choose 'Gift Card'.
  8. Click 'Save' to finish up.
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For more on Gift Cards, like how to issue them at the register, visit our ShopKeep Gift Cards article.

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Additional Features

Interested in tracking customer data or offering special discounts? We can help you set these up so your staff can manage everything with just a few taps.

Check out our video on setting up these features:

Additional Features (Training Guide)

Add Customers

As customers make purchases at your store, save their contact information so you can email receipts, track purchases, and send promotional information.

If you have questions about adding customers, visit our BackOffice FAQ.

  1. Click 'Customers' and select 'Customer List'.
  2. Click 'Add Customer'.
  3. Enter your customer's information.

    At least a first name, last name, or email address are required.

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  4. Click 'Save'.

Visit our Manage Customers article to learn how to view a customer’s purchase history.

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Named Discounts

Create specific discounts, such as senior or employee, to track how often particular discounts are applied at the register and the total amount discounted by each.

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Discounts'.
  2. Click 'Add Discount'.
  3. Fill in the discount's details and click 'Save'.
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    Name | Name of the discount as it appears on the register and in BackOffice reporting.
    Receipt Description | Name of the discount as it appears on receipts. Leave blank to use the Name entered above.
    Type | Select whether the discount is a dollar amount or a percent.
    Open | Check this box to allow cashiers to enter an amount/percent at the register when applying the discount to a sale. If checked, the Amount/Percent field is disabled.
    Applies to | Set whether the discount can be applied to individual items, to transactions, or to both.
    Requires Manager | Check this box to require a manager code before cashiers can apply the discount.

Visit the Discounts article to learn how to apply discounts at the register.

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