Cashier Training Index

Help new employees quickly learn the basics of the ShopKeep register. From clocking in to ringing up sales, everything to get started is here in one convenient place.

Please note that ShopKeep does not offer an in-app training mode. This index is your complete guide to learning about cashier functions on the register.

Table of Contents

Start Your Day

  1. Start your day by clocking in, then sign in to begin ringing sales.

Register Basics

  1. Get acquainted with the iPad and start using the ShopKeep Register.
  2. Learn the basics of running sales at the register.
  3. Learn how to ring up different types of items.
  4. If necessary, perform a Return to refund a transaction.
  5. Check an item’s Quantity on Hand to see how much is in stock.
  6. Add Customers and tag them to sales to track their purchases.
  7. Keep a sale open by saving it as an Open Check.
  8. Issue, redeem, and check the balance of ShopKeep Gift Cards.
  9. Become familiar with the cashier functions on the Control Panel.
  10. Learn to read the register’s Diagnostics screen.

End Your Day

  1. End your day by printing the shift report and clocking out.

Get Help

  1. If you have questions about using the register, check out our Register FAQ page.
  2. Visit one of our ShopKeep App Troubleshooting guides for help solving common cashier issues.

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