Simplicity Stand for
iCMP Reader Setup

The Simplicity Stand for the iCMP Credit Card Reader is a sleek way to display your reader on a countertop or check-out area. The built-in retraction cable ensures the iCMP never walks off or gets misplaced.

Check out our setup video below:

Simplicity Stand for iCMP Setup

Table of Contents

In the Box

***Shown separately below, the stand and stand insert come connected by a retraction cable.

  • Simplicity Stand for iCMP Reader
  • Stand Insert
  • Adhesive Squares
  • 4 Non-Sliding Feet
  • Apple Pay Acceptance Decal
  • Stand Setup

    The iCMP Simplicity Stand arrives almost out-of-the-box ready. There are just a few setup steps to complete.

    1. Remove the backing from the insert to expose the adhesive.
    2. Place the iCMP on the insert and hold in place for 10 minutes.
    3. Wait overnight for the adhesive to cure and the iCMP to set completely.
      If you don’t allow the adhesive to cure, the iCMP could become separated from the stand.
    4. Decide how to display the iCMP stand:
      • For permanent placement, use 4 #10 screws (not included) to secure the stand to a countertop.
      • For temporary placement, apply the non-sliding feet to the corners on the bottom of the stand.

    Setup is complete. The built-in retraction cable keeps the reader tethered to the stand.

    Having problems with the stand’s adhesive or retraction cable? Visit our Simplicity Stand for iCMP Troubleshooting guide for help.

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