Customer Management Troubleshooting

This page offers solutions to common problems associated with managing your customer list in BackOffice.

Table of Contents

The Customer List doesn’t display all of my customers.

The Customer List displays the 20 most recently added or edited customers. For the full list, follow the steps below to export your customers to a spreadsheet.

  1. Click 'Customers' and select 'Export Customers'.
  2. Click 'Export Customers'.
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  3. Open the file in spreadsheet software to see the complete list.
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I receive an error when I select a spreadsheet to import.

There are a few errors you might see: “CSV file contains invalid characters,” “Imported file is invalid,” “Imported file content type is invalid,” and “CSV file must include both a header and a record.”

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  1. Check that you saved the spreadsheet as a .CSV file.
  2. Open the import spreadsheet.
  3. Remove any nonstandard characters.
  4. Ensure the spreadsheet contains more than just a header row.
  5. Resave the spreadsheet as a .CSV file and import it again.

"Record ID must be mapped to proceed."

You cannot delete or change the Customer Record ID column on the spreadsheet you are using to bulk modify or delete customers. Modifying or deleting the Customer Record ID column causes this error.

There were errors with my add / modify / delete import job.

  1. Click 'Download errors (CSV)'.
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  2. Open the file when finished downloading.
  3. Look at the first column ('Errors') to see what went wrong.
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    “Either first name, last name, or email address must be present” – Customers must have at least one of these. This error also appears for blank rows left in the spreadsheet.

    “Email is invalid” – The email entered is in the wrong format. Check that it’s not missing the @ or the .com/.org/etc. Emails should be in this format:

    “Sales tax number can’t be blank” – If you entered ‘Yes’ in the Tax Exempt column, you must enter the customer’s tax number in the following column.

    “No customer associated with this ID” – This happens when Bulk Management can’t find a customer associated with that Customer Record ID. See above.

  4. Fix the errors and try the import again.