Ending Your Day

End your day with a printout from the register; then, clock out and close the shift.

Check out our Ending Your Day video below:

Table of Contents

Employee Shift Report

This printable report shows the shift’s numbers (running, or end of day) with an option for managers to filter by employee.

Attention Serverless Sync™ users:

We recommend that you use one register to close checks. Each check appears on the shift report of the register on which it was closed. Close all checks on the same register so you don’t have to add together printouts from each.

1 Sign in to the register.

2 Open the Control Panel and tap Shift Report.


3 Tap Print X Report to print a copy.


Managers see totals for all employees, but can tap to select a specific employee.


Cashiers only see their own summary.


Close Shift / Clock Out

Cashiers end their day by simply clocking out. Managers clock out, too, but they also need to close the shift.


1 Tap Sign Out to return to the sign in screen.


2 Enter your code and tap Clock Out.


1 Tap Close Shift on the Control Panel.


2 Count what’s left in the cash drawer, enter that amount, and Close Shift.


3 Print Z Report for a paper summary of the shift. Then, Sign Out.

Visit the X and Z Reports support article to learn how to reprint a previous shift’s report.


4 Enter your manager code and Clock Out.