Inventory Value Report

Analyze the value of items in inventory to see how much their on-hand quantities are worth. This report includes the cost, quantity, and value of all stock items and raw goods.

The Inventory Value report shows only the current value of items, historical values cannot be retrieved. To see a year-end inventory valuation, this report must be run on December 31st.

Table of Contents

Run the Report

From BackOffice, run the Inventory Value report to see the value of on-hand stock items and raw goods.

  1. Click 'Analytics' and select 'Value'.
  2. (Optional) Click to toggle between viewing the value of Stock Items or Raw Goods.

Read the Report

Learn to read the Inventory Value report to quickly find the overall inventory value or the value of specific individual items.

Only stock items with their quantity tracked appear on the report. Untracked items do not appear in the report’s calculations.


The Summary provides an overview of the total value of all items.

***’Value’ is the ‘Cost’ of a Stock Item or Raw Good times its ‘Quantity’. By default, the cost of basic items & items with variants is a weighted average. To use last cost instead, follow these steps to disable weighted average cost.

Total value of stock items
Combined value of all basic stock items.

Total value of items with variants
Combined value of all items with variants.

Total value of raw goods
Combined value of all raw goods. This is based on the last cost entered, not a weighted average.

Total value of inventory
Combined value of all basic stock items, items with variants, and raw goods.

If the inventory value looks incorrect, visit our Analytics Troubleshooting guide for help.


The section underneath the Summary provides an item-by-item look at inventory value.

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Name of the basic stock item, variant, or raw good.

Quantity on hand
Total quantity in stock.

How much the business pays to acquire the item.

The Cost multiplied by Quantity on hand.

Each page of the report displays 100 items. Use the numbers at the bottom to navigate the pages.

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