iDynamo Setup & Troubleshooting

Set up the iDynamo to use with your ShopKeep register. Learn to diagnose and fix some common issues associated with this credit card reader.

Check out our iDynamo Setup video below:

Table of Contents

iDynamo Setup

The iDynamo is a plug & play device that connects to the iPad’s charging port. Depending on which iPad stand you have, you may need to use an adapter sleeve. Click below for more information.

Once setup is complete, visit our best practices guide to learn how to care for the iDynamo.

Purchase a ShopKeep encrypted iDynamo here. Readers purchased elsewhere are not compatible with ShopKeep.


Swiper and Adapter Sleeves

iDynamo Adapter Sleeve

The iDynamo 5 comes with 6 adapter sleeves as shown above. These help stabilize the connection between swiper and the iPad.

You need to use an adapter sleeve with the stands shown below or if not using an iPad stand:

Windfall Stand and Frame

iPad register in Windfall stand with iDynamo swiper

No Stand


The following stands do not use an adapter sleeve:

Freeform Wooden iPad Air Stand


Simplicity iPad Enclosure for iDynamo


1 Pick the correct sleeve for your iPad or iPad mini.

The name of the compatible device can be found on the sleeve as shown below.


2 Align the prongs on sleeve with holes on the bottom of the iDynamo.


3 Push the pieces together until you hear a click. Then, attach the iDynamo to the iPad.


Swiper and MicroUSB Cable

MicroUSB Charging Cable

If you purchased a micro USB cable, use it to charge your iPad throughout the day without removing your credit card swiper.

1 Attach the swiper (and adapter sleeve if required) to the iPad.

2 Plug the microUSB cable into the port on the back of the swiper.

3 Connect the other end to the iPad’s charging adapter.

Only charge the iPad when needed. Leaving the microUSB cable attached all day may cause extraneous damage to the charging port on the iPad or the swiper.

Common Error Messages

If you encounter any issues while using the iDynamo swiper, you’ll see a message on your iPad screen. Here they are, with some actions you can take to resolve them.

Manual Entry

This is generally caused by a problem with the physical connection between the iPad and the swiper and it may be that the iPad is not recognizing the swiper.

1 Unplug the swiper from the iPad and go to home screen.

2 Force quit the ShopKeep app.

3 Plug in the swiper to the iPad.

4 Run a credit transaction.

Couldn't Connect to Gateway / Processor

Typically caused by swiper being unable to verify the card information because of no or poor internet connectivity.

1 Press home to back out of ShopKeep

2 Open Safari web browser.

3 Visit a web page or search for something that is not typically done on the iPad.

  • If yes, follow steps above for manual entry
  • If no, follow steps below:
  1. open iPad settings > WiFi
  2. check to see if you are on your network
  3. check to see if your WiFi device (router) is running.

No Payment Processor Found

This message will appear when you have not been boarded for processing.

1 Make sure that your merchant services provider has filled out our ISO Boarding Form.

2 If you have received a confirmation boarding email, close the current shift and open a new shift.

Field Format Error

This appears because the CVV, expiration date or billing zip code was entered incorrectly for manually entered cards.

1 Re-enter the corrected card information.


This message appears because the iDynamo is no longer functional or was not purchased from ShopKeep.

1 Please make sure this was purchased directly from our hardware site.

2 If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at 800 820 9814 or


This appears because the customer card was declined by the processor.

1 Retry customer card.

2 Try a different card or form of payment and have customer contact their issuer.

If you need assistance call Customer Care at 800 820 9814, or email us at