Opening & Closing
Your Shift

Open and close shifts to maintain accurate reporting and make it easy to balance your cash drawer each day.

Only employees with manager permissions can open and close a shift. Make sure you are set up as a manager in the BackOffice before opening or closing a shift.

Table of Contents

Open a Shift

Opening a shift should be one of the first steps to starting your day. All sales received during your open shift are recorded in the BackOffice Shift Summary.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Enter your 4-digit manager code and tap 'Sign In'.
  3. Select 'Open Shift' from the control panel.

    Each register can only have one shift open at a time, but multiple shifts can be opened each day.

  4. Enter the opening cash amount, then tap 'Open Shift'.

    This is the amount in your drawer prior to making any sales.

Close a Shift

At the end of each day, close your shift and print a Z Report.

  1. Tap the 'Menu' icon'.
  2. Tap 'Close Shift'.
  3. Enter the total cash in the drawer and tap 'Close Shift'.

    Include the opening amount and the cash sales to find this total.

    Any variance between your expected and actual cash will be reported on your Shift Summary.

  4. (Optional) Print Z Report.

    Print this report from your receipt printer for either all employees or a specific employee by tapping ‘All Employees’.

  5. Tap 'Sign Out'.