Variants Vs. Modifiers

It’s important to understand the benefits of using items with variants versus basic items with modifiers. Items with variants are trackable, ideal for retail stores, and are easy to set up in BackOffice. Modifiers are ideal for restaurants requiring fast order customization and for businesses that need to print to a ticket printer.

Table of Contents

Advantages of Variants

Variants make it easy to sell a single item with multiple attributes such as size, color, or material. Each variant is tracked individually and reflected in sales and inventory reporting.

  1. Each variant has its own SKU, allowing individual tracking.
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  2. Information can be copied to quickly create similar variants.
  3. Inventory can be received and adjusted for each variant.
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  4. Each variant can have its own reorder trigger.
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  5. Variants can be found on the iPad by scanning the item with a barcode scanner.
  6. Easily make variants active and inactive in BackOffice.

    Uncheck the box next to each variant to make it inactive if you’ve run out of stock. Check the box to make it active again once more inventory has been received.

  7. Track sales of individual variants.

    The Transactions Table is one example of where you can see variants listed individually among sales.

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  8. Duplicate UPCs can be assigned to multiple variants within a single Variant Item.
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  • View a combined sales total of an item’s variants on the Analytics Dashboard’s Top Selling Items Report.
  • The Sales By Item Report also reflects a combined total of variants sold.
  • The Reorder Report can be filtered to show individual variants.
  • Advantages of Modifiers

    Modifiers are ideal for restaurants, bars, and quick-service environments because they can print to ticket printers. Modifiers also offer the ability to customize price and item specifications (i.e. add-ons, size differentiation, and ingredient exclusion) at the point of sale.

    1. Modifiers are more flexible at the point of sale.
    2. Modifiers print to ticket printers, making it simple to create a customized order.