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Starting September 13, 2016, we will begin rolling out a new Items with Variants feature to ShopKeep merchants. This rollout will take place gradually over the next few weeks.

For any inventory item which sells in multiple sizes, colors, flavors, etc., items with variants will now allow you to track individual stock levels and costs, update items faster, and better track top selling items.

This page lists all key support articles about the feature to help you best understand it and utilize its benefits.

For a full description of the new feature, please refer to our Items with Variants blog post.

Table of Contents

Item with Variants Articles

  1. Variants vs. Modifiers

    In this article, learn the advantages of modifiers and variants to decide which best to use for your inventory. Items with variants allow for tracking individual SKU’s and are ideal for retail, whereas modifiers are typically used in restaurants or bars.

  2. Adding Items with Variants

    Add new items with variants in BackOffice so cashiers can sell them at the register. We outline the entire process from start to finish and answer some frequently asked questions.

  3. Transitioning to Items with Variants

    Some ShopKeep businesses have existing items that they want to convert to items with variants (don’t worry, your basic items will still work!). In this article, we walk you through the how-to and tell you what you need to know about making the change.

  4. Items with Variants in BackOffice

    Items with variants affect several BackOffice features and reports. From navigating the Items List to receiving and adjusting items, learn how to manage this type of item in BackOffice.

  5. Bulk Management for Items with Variants

    If you need to add or modify many items with variants at once, look no further than Bulk Management. Even if you have used Bulk Management in the past, read about how importing items with variants differs.

  6. Stock Items Export with Variants

    The Stock Items Export is a record of all inventory items, both basic and variant, in spreadsheet form. Check out where to find this report in BackOffice and how to read the export.

  7. Items with Variants Troubleshooting

    If you have problems setting up or using items with variants, visit our troubleshooting guide for help.

Remember to visit the Items with Variants blog post to learn more about this new feature!