ShopKeep Loyalty FAQ

ShopKeep Loyalty, powered by AppCard allows you to reward frequent customers with discounts. Check out this FAQ for answers to common questions about ShopKeep Loyalty.

I want to use ShopKeep Loyalty. Where do I start?

ShopKeep Loyalty is available to merchants with a ShopKeep Advanced package. After signup, look for an email containing the set up instructions. Can’t find your email or looking to add Loyalty to your account? Contact Customer Care to get started.

How long does a ShopKeep Loyalty register activation code last?

ShopKeep Loyalty activation codes last for one year.

How do I change my current offer?

To make changes to the ShopKeep Loyalty discount after initial set up, contact Customer Care.

Can I keep track of how many ShopKeep Loyalty discounts were applied?

Yes! View the Sales by Discount report to see discounts applied.

How can customers download AppCard to get started earning ShopKeep Loyalty points?

Customers download the AppCard app from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

How can I see the ShopKeep Loyalty points a customer has earned?

Enter the customer’s phone number in the AppCard app to see available points and rewards.

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